#52 – November’s Ripple

For this month’s ripple it seemed natural to use some of the Yarn Fairy yarns left after I snatched colors for October’s blanket from my so carefully planned color combinations. – HAha, ‘quickly thrown together combos’ would be far more accurate. Anyway, I swiped the very subtle variegated from the combo on the left and the Big skein of very dark purple from the one on the right.

475 lvndr:grey475 Purples and Pinks

The variegated happens to contain a light blue that is matched by this chenille I found deep within my charity stash.


I love finding little notes like the one that was in the bag with this yarn. It reminds me that I bought two sweaters to unravel for yarn back in September of 2011 – Obviously one was knit of this blue chenille. – and how I then I filled the rest of two plastic grocery bags with clothing for foster kids.

All those goodies cost me only $4.00!! There must have been a BOGO bag sale at the little thrift.

I’m sure all the clothing was outgrown a long time ago, but this yarn has been patiently waiting in my charity stash for two years!!

O.K., O.K., enough with the reminiscing about old recycled yarn – let’s take a look at my purple and blue ripple, shall we?!

498 close

I call it. . .


498 full

This is the third ripple inspired by the last batch of yarns that came from the Yarn Fairy. If my goal is to empty the Surprise! box, I’m not doing very well. lol.


I suppose it would empty much more quickly if I could stop myself from pulling coordinating yarns from stash, but who cares how long it takes when I get this kind of results!

Doing a little happy, happy jig. I like it I like it I like it! Purple and blue, who knew?

498 nov folded

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7 Responses to #52 – November’s Ripple

  1. Verneta says:


  2. Sharon says:

    Hello! I enjoy seeing your new creations!! I can envision a child wrapping themselves up in one of your afghans and giving them warmth and comfort. What a kindness from you.

  3. Bettina says:


  4. Sharon (the Florida one) says:

    I agree, I love, love, love it too. Those colors together are wonderful.
    If ya get too cold, come on down and visit!!! We’re suppose to have a cold snap for a day or two, going down in the 50’s and a high in the 70’s.:)
    I’m finding that I feel the same way you do- I can’t crochet enough, fast enough for the Project Linus. I’m so glad I found them. Still doing for my family too. Love to see your combinations, keep em comin.

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