No Wonder!

It turns out that the Christmas blanket/rug was crocheted with double and, sometimes, even triple strands of sportweight yarn. No wonder it was so Dense!!

With DH’s help I now have plenty of red/green/white variegated yardage, some with a fine strand of silver sparkle and some plain.

500 unraveled Csms vrgtd yarn

I started another Christmas ripple as soon as we finished winding the first ball. Maybe I’ll be able to show you the blanket on Monday!

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3 Responses to No Wonder!

  1. Verneta says:

    Wow …. what a blessing for not much money!

  2. susanklement says:

    Wow, that is a lot of yarn! I am impressed that you got it all neatly wound into balls so quickly. What a great deal!

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