Recently I got an email from someone – Hi Jen! – who had happened to meet one of my dear readers while donating some things to a cat shelter – That reader’s name is Karen, but which Karen? Hello000??. . . Karen? Thank you so much for thinking of me and the foster kids! –  Anyway, Jennifer and Karen got chatting about donating stuff and Jen mentioned that she had a bunch of stuffed animals that she wanted to give to a charity but hadn’t yet found just the right place.

Long story short, the right ‘place’ turned out to be alottastitches, so Jennifer and I got together at the library where I drop off my blankets – Her folks happen to live in the same town. How cool is that? – and we moved Nine bags of stuffed animals from her car to mine.

502 9 bags in car

I’ve only emptied a few bags so far and yet it still looks as though a toy factory has exploded!! lol.

502 in a pile

I stopped counting once I hit 100. My guess is that altogether there are at least 200!

200 fuzzy little buddies to comfort 200 children entering foster care. WOW!!

Here’s a small group shot to give you some idea of the variety and high quality.

502 small group

While I go through the bags I’m watching for bunnies to put in next year’s Easter baskets

502 bunnies

and Christmas buddies to go with Christmas ripples.

502 Christmas buddies

I got rather excited about that little Santa hat because cute teddy has been waiting on a shelf in my craft room for several months now.

502 teddy

Sadly, he came to me with hot glue smeared on the back of his head!

502 back of teddy's head

I thought that someday I would crochet a hat for him. There’s no need for that now. Yay!

502 teddy in hat

A few of the Beanie Babies will become Bingo Prizes at the local nursing home. – Seniors like fuzzy buddies too! – And since DCF doesn’t have alot of storage space, I’ll put only a dozen or two, depending on their size, into each bag of blankets I give for the next few months.

Thank you, Jen. Thank you, Karen.

I wanted to do something more for Jennifer than to just say ‘Thank You.” If it was either spring or summer I would have taken her a Big Bouquet of Flowers from our gardens, but it’s November. She mentioned that she crochets, so I gave her these crochet books. shrug. I hope at least one project will catch her eye!

502 crochet books

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1 Response to Buddies

  1. Bettina says:

    serendipity at it’s very best!!! how wonderful 🙂

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