Thinking Ahead

I really liked the cute little cellophane goody bags that I used with this year’s Halloween crayons.

488 One Bag of crayons

I had hoped to find something similar marked down after the holiday. And I did – sort of. These Jack o’Lantern Treat Bags from BigLots are great, but there was only this one package of 30. sigh.

505 Halloween treat bags for crayons

These two styles of zipper bags with Halloween slogans were at Michaels. They’re nowhere near as cute as the others, – I can always draw pumpkins on their hang tags to add some more color. – but at least they were plentiful. I got two packages of each, maybe enough for my next three batches of Halloween crayons!

I also grabbed the few remaining tablets of Halloween stickers. Stickers are always a hit with little kids.

505 More Halloween goodies

It’s good to think ahead when it not only saves you 50%, but alot of time. I don’t have to hunt for Halloween goody bags for at least the next two years! YAY!!

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