#56 – The 5th Christmas Ripple

Five Golden Rings

507 Christmas ripple #5 full view

Yeah, I know, there are actually six golden stripes, not five golden rings. Such are the liberties of those who must name two Christmas ripples a week. HAha. At least we’re within bounds with the tan color, Red Heart Soft ‘Lt. Wheat’, cuz the song lyrics say ‘golden‘, not ‘gold’.

507 #5 - close-up

Do you realize that it’s already the second day of December?! The month of November sped by and I know from experience that December days evaporate even more quickly. But so far I’m right on target with my Christmas ripple production.

Have you been noticing a lot of small flashes of light in the distance lately? That’s my lightening fast hook – kuh-CHHH!

As long as no more Christmas yarn comes my way I should be able to turn my entire red/green/white stash into blankets and get them to Santa in plenty of time. Yay!

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4 Responses to #56 – The 5th Christmas Ripple

  1. Haha! Speedy speedster! I bet you’re enjoying yourself with these.

    • Yes, I am!! I stitched many, many ripple rows over the long weekend and turned my craft room into a chaotic mess of Christmas Color. Fun.
      Hope I’ll be just as speedy a speedster when it comes time to restore order!

  2. Very festive! I wish I was as speedy as you – I’m way behind on my holiday crafting.

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