A Towel Ta-Dah!

Every now and again I’ve found some time to weave on my cotton dishtowel fabric. I am happy to say that it is finally finished.


508 handwoven dishtowel fabric

There was a little extra warp so I wove a tiny plaid sample at the end.

508  weaving plaid

The plaid, like the sections that will be towel hems. . .

508 towel hem section

is #10 crochet cotton in both directions – warp and weft.

A hot wash and dry didn’t change it much, which is good as I’m thinking an open weave like this might be good for curtains at the windows over our kitchen sink.

508 d-after-wash

The heavier towel fabric sections did shrink though, which, on the one hand is good; they feel like ‘real’ towels now! But, it’s also bad because most of the shrinkage took place in the width where I didn’t have anything to spare. You may remember that instead of threading the loom for 17″ wide towels , I mistakenly did only 15″, which after draw-in measured 14″. . . well, now my towel fabric is down to 13 1/4″ wide, so, obviously, I didn’t hem the edges. I did double turn under hems on the ends like I had planned though.

To prevent unraveling I first zigzag stitched immediately before and after where I planned to cut, rather like when you steek a knitted item.

508 zigzagged

Then I carefully cut between the two lines of stitching. Cool, eh?

508 cut the steek

Despite their narrowness I’m very pleased with my first set of hand-woven dishtowels!

508 towel set #1

Check out that hem. Nicely done, Linda, nicely done.

It’s so cool to think that I turned these simple cotton threads into TOWELS!

487 three cotton yarns

I’m going to set up the loom to weave another set right away, Wider Ones with more colors of stripes in the warp. I have plenty of the speckled Bernat Handicrafter Cotton left to use for weft.

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10 Responses to A Towel Ta-Dah!

  1. AnnB says:

    Very nice, Linda. Keep having fun.

  2. tiniree says:

    You always amaze me!

  3. Bettina says:

    great job!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Kathy says:

    Very nice! Too pretty to use!…lol you did a great job!
    Kathy ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Lisa Espinoza says:

    Beautiful towels! I would love to try to make these. What size heddle and did you warp one slot, one hole? Thanks so much ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank You!
      You might enjoy reading this post, if you haven’t already. It’s about how I direct warped my loom for the towels.
      I used a 10 dent heddle. The warp’s #10 crochet cotton with one strand in each slot and hole and the weft’s a worsted weight cotton.
      Happy Weaving!

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