#57 – The 6th Christmas Ripple

I thought it would be fun to make a Christmas ripple with lots of burgundy so I used  nearly two skeins of RHSS Burgundy plus some of that thrifty burgundy with gold.

Ooooh, see the tiny gold sparkles?

508 csms6 - close

And this unknown green ombre was a wonderful change from my usual Red/Green/White. I was so very happy to find a greenish white yarn in stash that matches the ombre’s ‘white’. I think there must be like a zillion different shades of white yarn! lol.

This is Christmas Ripple Number Six. I’m aiming for Twelve, which means I’m halfway. Woo-Hoo!

An Olde World Christmas

508 csms6 - full view


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9 Responses to #57 – The 6th Christmas Ripple

  1. Verneta says:

    Very pretty, LInda!

  2. Sharon says:

    Hello–this one is very unique and pretty. But, come to think of it, all your ripples are that way!!
    I am in the process of crocheting a pair of high top sneaker slippers for one of my sons–I may try to make a pair for the rest of my family–once I figure the pattern out that is!!
    Take care now.

    • You are way too kind. No way are all my ripples ‘very unique’, but since ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, at least I have a good shot at ‘pretty’. lol.

      High top sneaker slippers for everyone sounds like a great Christmas project! ‘a pair for the rest of my family’ would be how many? The first time through a new pattern usually takes longer than we’d like, but it’s only Dec. 6, and remember, every pair after will go faster and faster!

      Here’s hoping your pattern is exceptionally well written.

  3. tiniree says:

    Love the Burgundy! Usually by Christmas I get tired of seeing the same bright red, green & white. This is a lovely combination!
    BTW: How is it you came to use this ripple pattern??

    • Yeah, that’s kind of how I’m beginning to feel about red/green/white variegated yarn. This is the first Christmas ripple I’ve made without it since the Candy Cane Ripple Series of 2011!

      To answer your question, I’ve borrowed a paragraph from one of my 2011 posts, ‘Why I Make Ripple After Ripple’. . .

      ” This type of ripple looked simple and I thought that kids would probably like its bold zigzags. Having all its rows in double crochet (U.S.) meant it would go quickly! Also, it’s easy to see the decreases (valleys) and increases (peaks), because of the small holes they create. I tried making the “hole-less” type of ripples, both the zigzag and wave styles, but found I had to pay very close attention to keep my stitch count consistent. With the Rustic Ripple, it’s very easy to see if I’ve accidentally added or lost a stitch in any uphill or downhill stitch group, and I can correct it by skipping or adding a stitch in a later row. “

  4. Bettina says:

    that’s lovely … very Ye Olde World colors … like those old style christmas cards with glitter on them.

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