#58 – The 7th Christmas Ripple

Let’s take a quick look at the first six Christmas Ripples of 2013, shall we?

What a festive holiday mix!


It looks to me like I hit a nice balance between dark and bright greens as well as with my use of burgundy and reds. And although I did put the plentiful red/green/white variegated in all but one ripple, I don’t think it overwhelms the collection so far. Good, good and Good!

I call my 7th Christmas Ripple. . .

Christmas Dazzle

510 csms7 - full view

That’s a lovely snapshot, but, unfortunately, not a very realistic one. Those stripes are actually Burgundy, not Red, but when DH pushed the color correction enough to get burgundy stripes everything else looked odd, so we left well enough alone.

Note to Self:  Regardless of what these photos show, or hide, Burgundy looks GREAT with Bright Green! Must remember this HaPpY Christmas Combo for future Christmas ripples.

And since I’m complaining about my photos. . . the name I picked, ‘Christmas Dazzle’, would make far more sense if you could actually see the golden sparkle that’s in some of the ‘burgundy’ yarn. lol.

It showed up so well in Friday’s ripple close-up – sparkle, sparkle!

508 csms6 - close

Yet is nearly invisible in today’s.

510 csms7 - close

Hmmmmphf. My conclusion – The beauty of some ripples is easier to capture than that of others.

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6 Responses to #58 – The 7th Christmas Ripple

  1. AnnB says:

    Thank you for the collection photo. My memory of the previous ones was apparently lost, and they were ‘seeming’ to be all the same. But they are most definitely not the same. They look like a bowl of delicious ribbon candies. VeRy NiCe!

  2. Kathy says:

    Very festive! They will make someone’s Christmas snuggly warm! Great job!
    Kathy 🙂

  3. AnnB says:

    I noticed in a year or two past Christmas ripples the charity asked for red and white or green and white only. Did the children change the charity’s mind about what the kids actually like?

    • I have no idea about that. All I know for sure is that the post you read was written over two years ago – BTW, it actually says ‘preferred’, not ‘only’. – and nothing like that has been mentioned since. In fact, this year when I told LA, the charity leader, that I had 3 pounds of red/green/white variegated yarn for Christmas ripples she gave me not only a bunch of red, green and white solid yarns to go with it, but even more red/green/white variegated, so I guess what I’ve been doing is O.K.

      • AnnB says:

        You got it. I realized it was an old post, and that you were mixing the colors, so I figured the kids decided what “they preferred.” I was just curious if in that time the preferred had been rescinded and the old post was out of date…and not just by passing time. If I were to receive a Christmas afghan, I’d sure prefer the tri-color with the variegated bling you are currently making. Ha!

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