#60 – The 9th Christmas Ripple of 2013

I used lots and lots of variegated yarn in this one, 20 rows! – surely that’s the most I’ve ever included in a ripple – in hopes that my 9th would easily be recognized as a Christmas Blanket in spite of its ‘background’ of light green Red Heart Super Saver ‘Spruce’. But I may have underestimated the power of simple red/white/green/white variegated repeat as I think this afghan rather screams CHRISTMAS! ! ! HAha.

Spruce Sprigs

513 csms9 - full view

Hmmm. ‘Spruce Sprigs’, sounds like an ‘all-natural’ snack food that Euell Gibbons might recommend! lol.

The other solid yarns I used are RHSS ‘Cherry’ and ‘Forest Green’.

I skipped a few rows of my striping pattern. Can you see where?

513 csms9 - close-up

Here, I’ll help.

513 csms9 - error
One row of variegated and two of ‘Spruce’ are missing. Oops.

Yeah, I know. . . nobody would have ever noticed what I did, or rather, didn’t do – HAha – if I hadn’t pointed it out. I didn’t see it myself until I was many rows past! And now I’m really counting on no one else ever noticing cuz it only took a second for me to decide that I would rather live with ‘Spruce Sprigs’ as is than to rip out all that work.

P.S. There’s always been at least a few days gap between my photo shoots and when the pictures appear on alottastitches, but my Christmas ripple reports started falling away from the norm by Thanksgiving weekend because, although I increased my blanket production speed to its max in hopes of delivering the dozen or so to the North Pole (library drop-box) by Santa’s (DCF’s) Dec. 16th dead-line (today), I decided each ripple deserved to have its own blog post. So. . . you’re going to be seeing Christmas ripple posts til New Year’s Eve!

P.P.S. Last week I wrote an email to LA, our charity’s leader, letting her know that my very last blanket delivery was probably going to be after deadline because I had two Christmas fleeces yet to border. – more about them in a future post

I should have known that everything was about to work out for the best! Here’s LA’s reply:

” At first I panicked thinking of all the work you have put into the blankets and that… my pick ups would already be done….then I realized that at my church there are five families that we are trying to help and the man who is heading this project up mentioned the wish list of some of the children who were asking for such simple things as mittens etc.  So….I already called my mom who called the man today to say that we had Christmas blankets to be donated to a few of the children of these families. He was thrilled!!!  They will personally be bringing these food baskets and wishes and your blankets are going to be given to some very special and poor children.  They will be another wonderful surprise!! “

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7 Responses to #60 – The 9th Christmas Ripple of 2013

  1. Renee Butka says:

    WOW! Linda that is sure a beauty:) I don’t know why but something about it say’s Victorian to me.

  2. tiniree says:

    Love this one! And “yes”, it does scream Christmas, but in a wonderful way 🙂 And the reply you got is just wonderful. Talk about “everything working out”? Just perfect.

  3. AnnB says:

    It’s beautiful, warm, perfection as is. Until you pointed it out, it was not noticed. The child who receives this may or may not count to see the pattern and find it. Otherwise, it’s just the way you designed it, right? Ha! I have heard, although I don’t know for fact that some cultures put a small error in their work on purpose. Some quilters do, too; like a signature. Or to stay humble; an intentional err (sometimes glaring) for those who would otherwise overly concern themselves with perfectionism.

  4. First, I was wowed with Spruce Sprigs and all its variegated beauty. Then, I laughed at nature nuts and “design features” that can’t be seen. Then, I woohoo-ed at being treated to Christmas ripples THROUGH NEW YEAR’S! Yay! Then, I cried for children who ask for mittens at Christmas and who will be getting Linda blankies. It’s important, what you do and write.

    • Sounds like my little story gave you quite an emotional roller coaster ride! I didn’t mean to make anyone cry. Remember that the story doesn’t end that way, but with smiles and laughter come Christmas morning. 😀

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