#61 and 62 – From To-Do to Ta-Dah!

Last week it suddenly dawned on me that if I didn’t take the time to dig out any Christmas fleece prints that happened to be in my stash they’d be stuck up in our attic until next Christmas.

Here’s what I discovered.

514 fleeces before

There might have also been a snowflake fleece up there, but I decided that could easily wait until January, or February.

I can tell by the tiny pink sticker you can see on the label above that the polka dot one came from Sal’s ($1.99), but the ‘mystery’ fleece? It clearly came from a tag sale.

514 price sticker

Such a deal! And just wait til you see just how cute its design is!!

Both pieces’ edges were machine finished but I wanted to give them more substantial borders.

524 edge before

I didn’t even bother trimming away the machine stitching; I just folded it toward the back as I crocheted. See?

514 edgings seen from back


Two Christmas Fleeces

514 Two Christmasy fleece blanket

The plush polka-dotted one is a generously sized throw, 48x 60″ and, while much thinner, the snowman fleece is even a little bigger than that at 54″ x 62″. That’s four and a half feet by over five feet!

514 snowman fleece

Although I was standing on a piano bench, I still couldn’t get the whole thing in the frame, but you get the idea. Please notice that my crocheted border is the same color as Mr. Snowman’s carrot nose! tee-hee.

What delights me even more than the large size of the snowman fleece, and the matching color of its new border, is the small size of the remaining scrap ball of border yarn!

514 little 2" yarn ball

Don’t you just looove when that happens? A little two-inch diameter ball, why that’s not enough for even one ripple row!

I’ve delivered these two fleeces to the library along with the rest of my Christmas ripples – more reveals to come – and some stuffed animals. Yay! You never know when inspiration may strike, but I think these were my last Christmas craft projects for 2013. Aaaah, contented sigh. Now I can turn my attention to Christmas baking. – Yum.

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2 Responses to #61 and 62 – From To-Do to Ta-Dah!

  1. Marie says:

    Ha! Love it. The fleece I bought at a thrift store has the machine stitching also. I had planned on crocheting an edge, but my 17 y/o pug, Myrna, has adopted the blankie her own.

    • Do you think pugs in general aren’t much for fussy crocheted edges, or just Myrna? HAha.
      Think of all the crochet time she has saved you; now you can put those hours toward that Really Big project you’ve been dreaming about! 🙂

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