Stripes or STRIPES

I snapped a picture of my Lion Brand ‘Magic Stripes’ sock yarn, colorway ‘Lumberjack Black’, because I always find it interesting to compare how a self-striping yarn looks in the skein. . .

519 skein

with how it looks once knit up. This is the ribbed turtleneck part of a neckwarmer I’m making for DH. We’ve both Very Happy with its subtle stripes. Yay!

519 yarn and cowl

I knew the turtleneck would look different from the striped socks on the yarn’s label

519 yarn label

because not only is a turtleneck about twice the diameter of a sock but also the Sunny Neck Warmer pattern by Alla Saenko uses the Thermal Rib stitch of 4 rounds ribbing, 1 round knit, 1 round purl, which I knew would break up at least some of the yarn’s stripes.

519 Thermal Rib texture

Still, I was Very Surprised when I saw the striped socks in this yarn’s Ravelry project photos. Wow, talk about a different look; talk about Bold! wince. I can’t imagine DH wearing socks or anything else with such wide stripes unless I toned them down with a dip in some grey dye! – I, however, would love wearing those boldly striped socks. . . at least during Christmastime. lol. I could make them with pointy toes and pretend I’m an elf!

I can’t wait to knit the neckwarmer’s ‘bib’. – I plan to adapt the bib pattern from the Neck Warmer for Kids by Ann Marie of the Life in Yonder blog. – I’m anxious to see how this yarn will look when knitted flat (back and forth) rather than in-the-round. My guess is it’s going to look alot like those socks! If I’m right, I hope DH will be fine with it since the bib will end up tucked deep inside the neck of his somber black coat.

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4 Responses to Stripes or STRIPES

  1. Nice! I may do something like this to wear when walking the dog. It was cold with wind but no where near what you’re getting ready to experience. Stay warm.

    • Yes, we’ll be needing lots of warm woolies tomorrow night. The forecast says the temp may go to -13 with a windchill as low as -23! Yowza!! Sounds like a good night to stay in and knit. 😀

      You stay warm too!

  2. Eboo says:

    I’m making solid colour socks at the moment, but would like to try some self-striping yarn soon. 🙂

    • Ooooh, I bet you’ll enjoy knitting with self-striping sock yarn – I know I do! Once I’d made a few pairs of self-striping socks I moved on to self-striping hats, mittens, fingerless mitts and now, my first self-striping neckwarmer. Fun, fun!!

      It just occurred to me – I’ve never actually knit a pair of solid-colored socks. Hunh.

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