#1 – A ‘Country’ Ripple

I’m back to working with yarns from the Surprise! box that a yarn fairy sent me late last summer. This combo of country colors that I put together so many months ago still appeals to me,

475 country colors

although I did decide to remove that small skein of RHSS ‘Cameo Rose’

and replaced it with more Windrush ‘Burgundy’ from among the box’s few yet unassigned skeins.

475 others - Maroon, Burgundy and Maize

I think my new color combination, which also includes some RHSS ‘Light Grey’, looks very good.

520 close-up of new combo

The omitted ‘Cameo Rose’ may have already found new friends. It could give some much-needed Zing to this otherwise pallid group of yarns: more of the RHSS ‘Light Grey’, Caron Perfect Match ‘Lilac’ and a very pastel variegated, which also came from the ‘Surprise’ box.

475 lvndr/grey/light vrgtd.

My first crocheted blanket of 2014. . .

Shades of Winter

520 full view

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6 Responses to #1 – A ‘Country’ Ripple

  1. AnnB says:

    This will be very appealing to a boy. Nice manly color combo, like a striped shirt rugby/polo shirt.

  2. RButka62 says:

    WOW! Linda – I love it!
    It’s very beautiful!!

  3. Bettina says:

    REALLY love the colour combo!! great start to the new year 🙂

  4. daisy says:

    I’m desperate to find some Caron Perfect Match Lilac, and I see some of it in your photo. Will you sell it?

    • Hi Daisy ~
      Sorry to disappoint you, but that Lilac yarn is all gone. I turned it into blankets for kids entering foster care. Here’s a Lilac ripple that I finished just a couple of weeks after I wrote this post that you commented on.

      Do you belong to Ravelry by any chance? I see that 25 members have Caron Perfect Match Lilac in their stashes! Hopefully one of them will sell you some of theirs.

      You’re probably already watching eBay – none offered right now, but some could appear at any moment.

      Best Wishes for a successful hunt, Linda

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