Highlights of 2013

During 2013 I crocheted 66 blankets for children entering foster care. Sixteen of them were pieces of fleece that I bordered with crochet.

492 both477 nearing corner

The others were all ripples. – If you’d like to see the entire group just visit my Ravelry project page and click on the ‘2013 Ripples’ tab. – Fifteen of them were baby-sized blankets that I crocheted throughout the summer out of fingering and sport-weight yarns. Eight of those were squarish. . .

471 full view468 full view

and seven were round.

445 full-view442 full view

The remaining thirty-five were traditional rectangular ripples.

431 full viewAs for granny afghans, in 2013 I added some more rounds to a small pink and white one that I found in a thrift store. . .

293 Big PINK Granny Square

446 draped granny

and I finally assembled and bordered the Field of Wildflowers granny that I started the previous summer.

420 wideshot

I gave it, as well as this lace shawl and scarf that I also crocheted in 2013, to local charity fundraisers.

423 full view425 loose scarf

As usual, I didn’t do nearly as many knitting projects as crochet ones. I knit two rugs out of ‘tarn’, t-shirt yarn that I made out of strips cut from old t-shirts.

387 - balls of tarn414 cutting upper part of tan tee

We Love Them Both! The one of the left is our bathmat and the other is in front of our kitchen sink.

393 bathmat - landscape view414 rug - done

Oh, and I knitted the ribbing on the tops of the slipper socks I sewed for DH from a thrift shop sweater. He quickly wore holes through their soles. I will use a more durable wool/nylon blend sweater next time.

397 sweater for mittens397 sox - modeled

I also sewed him a pair of cashmere long johns, again from a thrift shop sweater. What a Fun one day winter project this was!

409-6 cut #2409-18 trying on inside-out

I didn’t do very much weaving, but I did learn and/or remember a lot about the craft, which I hope will make each future weaving project go a little easier and faster for me.

I refurbished a tag sale tote with fabric I wove out of quilt fabric ‘rags’

457 50 cent tote473 tote in woods

and I wove two dishtowels out of cotton thread and yarn that I found in thrift stores.

487 three cotton yarns508 towel set #1

I also wove a ‘free-style’ bag on my ‘new’ Saori loom. I will share its ta-dah photos soon.

476 WIP485 open loom

2013 was a Wonderful Year for shopping on CraigsList! Not only did I get the Saori loom, but a Kromski rigid heddle loom on a stand that came with two extra heddles, a bobbin winder and an inkle loom!

463 Kromski loom on stand463 heddles, winder, inkle loom

My most Fantastic Buy of the year was 21 bins of weaving yarns that came with a bunch of free wool fabric,

482 1 wall of bins482 3 bin of wool solids

some already cut into strips, and a free fabric cutter.

482 5 bin of wool strips482 fabric cutter

I was blessed throughout the year with many generous donations of yarn. Some came in anonymous plastic bags byway of the local charity I work with. . .

455 one bag503 bagful

while those from a particular Yarn Fairy came in boxes delivered by the mailman.

475 FIVE color combos407A bulging box of yarns

I appreciate all the people who donated yarn to my local thrift stores

459 6 skeins $7399 - 7 skeins of RHSS

and to church and historical society rummage sales.

496 comforter bag full of yarn496 ziplocs of yarn

Thank you, also, to every person who bothered to throw a tag sale and thought to dig out their unloved yarns.

433 yarn pile463 novelty yarns

I look forward to discovering what thrifty treasures and crafty ideas this New Year holds for me. – I feel 2014 is going to be a Great Year!

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7 Responses to Highlights of 2013

  1. yarnchick40 says:

    What a lovely recap of your year!!! You do amazing things and are such an inspiration. I always love to see your updates and I wish you a fabulous 2014 ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Wawanna says:

    You are one productive lady and 99% for charity! You set a superlative example for us all.
    May 2014 be a truly blessed year for you with many wonderful things instore for you.

  3. susanklement says:

    Wow, you do get a lot done, don’t you? I think I am going to do more charity crafting this year.

    • I find that having a blanket or two ready-to-start – yarns chosen and striped plan written – makes it easier for me to continuously crochet for charity. “A hook in motion tends to stay in motion.” If I take a long break, it’s really hard for me to get started again! And, while I may be able to convince myself that a half-finished blanket is too bulky to take along on a road trip, one that’s newly started gives me no such excuse! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Best wishes on meeting your goal.

  4. Kathy says:

    What a lot of warm kids this winter! You did beautiful work…your crocheting and your charity for the lil’ ones! Have a great and productive 2014!
    Kathy ๐Ÿ™‚

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