As Requested

You may remember that I’ve been knitting a striped neckwarmer for DH. He asked that it . . . .

  1. be made of non-fuzzy wool yarn that’s soft enough to rub against his face
  2. be long and snug enough to cover his nose and not slide down
  3. also not slide down when worn as a regular turtleneck
  4. get wider at the bottom, like a tree trunk, to cover the base of his neck
  5. cover his upper chest so he won’t need to wear a scarf
  6. look good with his charcoal grey winter coat

Let’s see how well I did.

Here it is straight off the needles. I knew it met at least requirements #1 and 2 because DH tried it on as soon as I’d knit a couple of inches of the turtleneck part and I knew that I had made it longer than any of the cowls that I’ve knit for him.

525 curled

But what a curled-up mess! I knew that steam blocking could only improve its look and fit. I started by pinning and steaming just the bib.

525 pinned bib

Because the flat bib has less than half the number of stitches in the tubular neck the self-striping sock yarn created much wider stripes there. You can also tell by the subtle changes in striping where I increased the number of stitches in the turtleneck – almost halfway down and again just before the flange.

While I was knitting, I thought about what we had around the house that I could use to block the turtleneck, something about the same diameter as DH’s neck. How about a large container of oatmeal?

Yes, it’s Perfect!

525 oatsbox
I covered the already-blocked bib area with plastic so the second bout of steam wouldn’t bother it.

525 flange

Wow! The neckwarmer looks So Much Better after; I’m always impressed by the magical effects of blocking. But notice that I haven’t yet woven in the yarn ends – in case I need to redo something.

525 blocked

We’ve reached the moment of truth – How does the neckwarmer measure up?

Requirements #1. Comfortable and #2. Long and Snug – Both Confirmed. √ √ and

#6. Looks Good with Coat. – YES! Check. √

525 up

#5. Warms upper chest. – Check. √

525 bib

And he doesn’t mind the ‘surprise!’ of wider stripes on the bib. YAY!!

#3. Turtleneck stays put. and #4. Widens at Base. – Both Checked. √√

525 down

One Warm Happy Hubby. – Check! √

and One Happy Knitter. – Check! √

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5 Responses to As Requested

  1. Kathy says:

    You’re so creative! Looks nice and warm!
    Kathy 🙂

  2. Bettina says:

    fantastic result! wonderful modeling :-))))))
    love the oatmeal blocking tool – hilarious!

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