#4 – Inspired by a Polo Shirt

This little photo ad for a polo shirt, that’s been tacked on my bulletin board for several months, suddenly inspired me to run to the attic in search of Bright Pink and Peach acrylic yarns! 526 ad photo – That model reminds me of Skipper, Barbie’s younger sister. . . the vintage version. I hear she’s now a brunette with a purple streak. –

Well, I didn’t have enough peach and pink yarns to create a ripple as simply striped as the polo shirt, and my ‘Bright Pink’ is really more of a medium rose, but, by adding some light burgundy and rust (RHSS Coral), I still managed to come up with a pretty good looking ripple , which I’m calling

Tropical Fruit Salad

526 full size

It’s interesting, at least to me, that the rose, burgundy and peach yarns are all heavier than the RHSS Coral. – I think they may be Caron One Pound; I’m not sure as they had no labels. – To get the RHSS to match the larger yarns’ stitch gauge, I switched up one size to an I hook (5 mm) whenever I crocheted a Coral row, but that was too open flimsy, so I also switched those rows from dcs to hdcs, which came out a little denser. I’m very happy with my results. Yay!

526 close

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2 Responses to #4 – Inspired by a Polo Shirt

  1. Skipper’s got attitude these days, hm? Well, I agree with you that the model brings the Skipper of old to mind.

    Your Tropical Fruit Salad is just the ticket to brighten up the winter blahs that most of the country is experiencing. I’m so happy you had some pinks and peaches in your attic to play with!

    I really admire your solution to the different weights. I bought some Bernat Waverly last year to combine with my Vanna’s Choice stash. However, the Waverly is a little thicker, so some of my blanket squares were coming out a bit ruffly. A Ravelry friend advised me to switch to a smaller hook when using it in combination. She does that and gets lovely results. I have yet to try that, because most of the Waverly has ended up as hats!

    • “Skipper’s got attitude” Lol!!

      For me, bright sunny winter days, short as they are, is all it takes to keep away the winter blahs. But a generous stash is necessary to combat cabin fever.

      Interesting. . . so your friend’s answer was the same as mine, to use a smaller hook with the thicker yarn. It’s just that I started with the thicker, while you started with your thinner one. So glad I didn’t need to use a G hook with all those One Pounder colors. Crocheting that tightly would have made for a much slooower crochet!

      Waverly hats were a perfectly good solution!! 🙂

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