My eyes were instantly drawn to the Brightly Colored! wooden bench sitting at the back of my local Salvation Army thrift store. I anxiously walked toward it, hoping its combination of unique pink coloring and relatively poor condition meant it would have a low price. But it had only just arrived and hadn’t yet been tagged.

The next time I visited, the bench was sitting right inside the front door. I was happy to see that it was still there, but I figured the fact that it had lingered meant that its price was high, higher than I’d want to pay anyway, because inventory usually turns over so quickly at Sal’s. But then I saw that the tag showed two prices, one just half of the other. Yee-HA!! Who knows, maybe it had just been marked down, or was I the only person interested in a Pink! bench in need of a little repair?

Still, I contained my excitement. I hesitated to bring something home that would make more work for DH. I could ignore the scratches on the seat, like someone had scribbled on it with a nail or inkless pen, but it also felt rather wiggly. Something would have to be done to firm up its construction before anyone could actually sit on it. I imagined that the boards could be clamped together and then held permanently in place by a couple of slats attached with screws from underneath, but this wasn’t something I wanted to attempt.

527 cracks in bench seat

I removed the price card, the official way to call ‘dibs’ on a piece of furniture at Sal’s, and carried it, the card, not the bench, around with me as I shopped. Should I add a little pink bench to one of our gardens?

I imagined how CUTE it would look snuggled among the flowers in our front yard. Aaaand, I considered how much lighter it is than the bench that’s already in our big perennial bed, with its heavy cast metal back and sides!

362 Jacob - draped over park bench

I can easily move an all-wood bench anywhere I want – for blog photo sessions! This idea easily tipped the scales, suddenly making the Cute Little Pink Bench seem quite the bargain. Even if no person should sit on it, it could certainly hold the weight of a blanket, or some yarn! lol.

Mine for $10.00! . . . Doing my Happy HaPpY Dance.

527 bench

P.S. Having looked the bench over, DH says it’s not a Big fix-it job. Yay! And I can help by priming and painting the support slats. I expect that, with their reinforcement, my ‘new’ bench will last several years. Hopefully it will soon become a ‘regular’ in photos I share with you.

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8 Responses to Deliberation

  1. You have the best ideas! What a wonderful find! I’m so excited for you. I look forward to seeing your pink bench playing a supportive role in future photos. I am imagining it nestled in amongst your garden with, perhaps, a flowering pot or two to keep the feature of the week company. Oh, yay! Spring come quickly!

  2. AnnB says:

    Keeping it pink or painting it a neutral? Like gray?

  3. Bettina says:

    very cute! and a fantastic colour … you now might have to buy some seedlings to complement it 🙂

  4. Linda Lou says:

    I love your idea! Looking forward to springtime myself!
    I really have a question about your V-Stitch Ripple pattern. I love the blankets you’ve made, but I have started over about 5 or 6 times. I am following the pattern, but it’s just not working out. My valleys are flat. I really appreciate any advice you can give me!
    Linda Lou

    • Hi Linda Lou – welcome to alottastitches!
      So. . . you can crochet the mountains (increases), but not the valleys (decreases). Hmmm.

      Just to be clear. . . the V-Stitch Ripple is Mara Thomas’ pattern, not mine. I’m hosting it on my blog only because Mara doesn’t have a place to post it.
      But I’ll gladly try to help!

      Here’s a youtube video that demonstrates how to do a Double Crochet Decrease.
      Please let me if that makes a difference for you.

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