#6 A Valentine Ripple

I chose to use the traditional Valentine color combination of mixed reds, a pink and white in a not-quite-so-traditional striping pattern. . .

530 val close

It’s easily deciphered. Reading right to left in the photo below:

2 Red, then 1 White /2 Pink /1 White, followed by 2 Red/2 White/2 Pink, and repeat.

530 val land

This 3-color striping pattern could easily be converted to a Mardi Gras (purple/green/gold), St. Patrick’s Day (green/gold/white), Easter (maybe purple/yellow/white?), Independence Day (red/white/blue), Halloween (orange/yellow/white), Thanksgiving (brown/rust/tan) or Christmas (red/green/white) Ripple! I’m sure you can add many other special occasions to this list, each with their own fun color combo.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


530 val full`

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4 Responses to #6 A Valentine Ripple

  1. Kathy says:

    Oh I like this one! At first I thought the white was a blue color and thought it looked pretty neat with the pink and red…until I saw you said it was white! Guess I better clean my ipad screen after my 2 yr old grandson plays the free drum set!…lol
    Happy Valentines Day to you and your dear DH!
    Kathy 🙂

    • Funny, neither DH or I noticed how blue the white looks! I guess that happened because of how heavily overcast it was on the day I took the pictures. Now you’ve got me thinking that maybe I should do a pale blue/ pink/ red one for real!

      Playing drums on an ipad? Oooooh, that sounds like fun!!
      My laptop screen is a mess too. I don’t have a 2-yr old grandson but Emily serves as substitute – she takes the blame for everything! HAha.

    • AnnB says:

      It looked like icy blue to me, too. I guess it isn’t my monitor/eyes after all. Ha!

  2. SweetHeart is truly sweet and makes me smile! I like this striping pattern. It’s balanced without being too neat and even.

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