Wayward Yarn

Look at what landed on my front porch the other day.

533 box

That’s right – a large box of disposable diapers. Emily doesn’t seem at all puzzled by this. Frankly, I think she’s in love.

533 Emily with box

No, I don’t have a grandchild that I’ve kept a secret. What I have is a new Yarn Fairy, Melissa in Georgia! She sent a box off on January 21 and I started watching for it in earnest around the 28th. Well, I had a looong wait ahead of me as it didn’t get here until this Tuesday, February 18! I’m sure that’s not anywhere near the record, but it is impressive.

By looking up the tracking number I easily followed its adventure. Starting in Georgia my yarn went to Florida and from there it left on a little side trip to Puerto Rico. I’m quite jealous that it was enjoying itself in the Caribbean while Melissa and I were dealing with the Polar Vortex; maybe I should have left it outside in Tuesday’s storm so it could suffer along with us for a while! lol.

533 the Vortex

On February 12, two and a half weeks after Melissa mailed it, the box left Florida for a Second Time, now heading northward t0 snowy New England.

My box of yarn isn’t the only thing that went astray. Wandering from window to window, looking for the best shot of the day’s snowstorm, I discovered this sadly misplaced robin snacking on tiny dried crab apples.

533 robin in snow

Bet he wishes he was in the Caribbean too!

Back to the diaper box – let’s take a look inside, shall we?

533 open box

And underneath. . .

533 layer2

Oh, my. It looks like, if it had only gotten here a little earlier, I could have made a second Valentine Ripple! Oh well. The red can become part of an Independence Day Ripple instead.

533 valentine colors

As always, I’m watching for ‘new’ yarn Brand Names. How about Banbry Crossing wintuk? The color name, Avocado, reminds us of how old this particular yarn probably is. The others are Fisherman and Camel.

533 Banbry

These three 6-ounce skeins of Caron Simply Soft ‘Pine’ are an especially nice surprise! I’ve always loved Simply Soft’s sheen and how it gliiides over my hook, but, because it’s so very smooth and slippery, I’ve also always had a hard time securing its ends. For that reason I’m planning to some day weave a striped blanket completely out of Simply Soft. Eighteen ounces is probably more than enough for its weft!

533 3SS

And this partial skein of ‘Off-White’ – looks like pale yellow to me – will coordinate very nicely as part of the warp.

533 4SS

All together, a Six-Pound array of Color.

533 ALL Colors

There’s enough here to make more Four Ripples for foster children! Yay!! What a generous gift.

Melissa, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I hope next time it’s you that gets to take the Caribbean vacation.

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6 Responses to Wayward Yarn

  1. Verneta says:

    You expect nothing in return as you brighten the day for these foster children. When you truly give from the heart, the blessings come overwhelming back to you in many ways. I pray that one day in heaven each child will be able to give you a hug and say how much your blanket meant to them. They were not forgotten as they waited for a loving family! God bless you!

  2. Sharon (the Florida one) says:

    I don’t remember if I told you or not, but you were the catalyst for my getting started crocheting for charity. I am really enjoying doing this, knowing a child is going to have a smile while going through a hard time.
    Wish I could find someone to help me with the yarn too. The owner of our health store told me about someone that buys a lot of fabric and gives to a quilter so I’m going to pass the word along where I can to see if they know someone who would be willing to help with yarn.
    Our local hospital Pediatrics has nothing but pillow cases to give to their patients and our local Women’s Choice doesn’t have near enough blankets for the babies they have. So I’m also trying to find some other crafters to join me.
    I’d love to get enough together to be able to give one to every child coming through the hospital and every baby through W. Choice. That’s kinda my goal. I keep up with your e-mails to help keep me focused.
    Thanks for all you do. Hope spring comes to you soon:) Our daughter is in PA and she sends us pictures — Bad!!! Glad we’re down here. Come visit!!!

    • Hi Florida Sharon!

      I’m so happy to hear that my blog encouraged you to do some charity crochet; I hope many many people want to join you in warming the little babies and children of your area. 🙂
      As for finding help with yarn – please forgive me if I’ve already mentioned this to you – my advise is to get in the habit of telling everyone that you know and everyone that you meet about your charity blanket project. Better yet, Show Them by working on a blanket whenever and wherever you possibly can. You never know where your first offer of free yarn may come from.
      My first windfall came through a librarian who noticed the pile of crochet books I was checking out. She asked what I was planning to make and I ended up going home with several boxes of yarn that day. Turns out she’d been waiting to find just the right person to give it all to!

      You’re very welcome – thank You for all the encouraging notes you write. They mean alot to me and help keep my hook aflickin’.

      I’m usually good with winter weather in general, and can handle mounds of snow, but the COLD has been especially wicked this year! I see that robin is still hanging around though and he’s been joined by a couple of buddies, so spring can’t be toooo far off. . . right?!?!? Let’s hope!

  3. Bettina says:

    Puerto Rico! oh my 🙂

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