#7 Last Week’s Ripple

Last week’s Ripple Post got pushed forward all the way to today!

I like to limit each color in my acrylic charity stash to one cardboard box. At the moment Blue is seriously out of control. On the upside this means I easily found a full range of blues, from navy to powder.

534 A yarns

After weighing each shade – I’m treating the nearly identical-looking Herrschners Premium and the Caldor Sayelle as one. – I was able to figure out a striping pattern based each ounce of yarn yielding a little over 3 ripple rows, 3.33 rows for RHSS. I know this having crocheted a zillion or so of the same-sized ripple blanket. lol.

You can easily learn the same information about your favorite pattern. Weigh a finished blanket and count its rows. Divide the number of ounces into the number of rows. Voila! Number of blanket rows you can crochet with an ounce of that particular yarn.

534 A1 closeAs I repeated the striping sequence, I decided it would be fun to gradually move the two rows of ombre closer and closer together until at the center of the blanket they’re separated by only one row of powder blue.

I knew it was very likely that I would run out of at least one color because I had just enough of most shades, although there was an extra ounce of the royal blue. Everything went smoothly. . . until I ran out of powder blue just as I neared the end of the last row in the blanket’s last powder blue section!

534 B shortI quickly brought down every skein and scrap ball of pale blue that I could find in the attic. – Told you I had alot of blue yarns! – Some were close, but None matched.

534 C color trials

Then I thought about how much yarn I’d used so far in the nearly finished five-row powder blue stripe and I ripped it all out! – ugh – As I crocheted that stripe over again I created just a little more tension than usual on the yarn. This technique worked very well! YAY! I even had about a foot to spare.

534 D doneGreatly relieved, I finished the ripple’s last few rows.


All Blue

534 E full view

Reviewing my Project Page in Ravelry, I discovered that, since I started keeping track some time in 2010, I’ve made several ripples containing multiple blues with white and at least one of blues with black, but this is the first that’s All Blue! I feel up to the challenge of designing at least one more as a Blue Stashdown.

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8 Responses to #7 Last Week’s Ripple

  1. tiniree says:

    I seem to have a lot of blues also. This ripple is lovely and has given me ideas to use up all my blues.

  2. Liz says:

    Very pretty, as usual. I’ve used that solution before. I use RHSS a lot in my charity blankets, and think it tends to stretch when I crochet. When I’ve come up a little short, I’ve ripped it out and recrocheted it.

    • Thank you, Liz.
      Perhaps this is an example of how “Great minds think alike.” haha For all we know zillions of other crocheters do the very same thing, but this was my first time to rip out so many rows in the hopes of gaining so many more stitches, about 50!, so I was especially Happy that it worked! 😀

  3. AnnB says:

    A very soothing blue. I think being all blue makes it so, like water.

  4. Kathy says:

    I agree with Ann….very soothing!
    Kathy 🙂

  5. You are a brave, brave woman to do all that ripping. This is so beautiful! I love all the blues.

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