Delayed by Socks

It’s Monday but, again, there’s no ripple?!

I just can’t wait – jumping up and down – to tell you about the fun little knitting project that I’ve been working on for DH’s quickly approaching birthday – Yoga Socks, funny-looking Yoga Socks!

No, he doesn’t do yoga.

Let me explain.

A few years ago I knit DH a pair of regular ‘non-yoga- socks’ out of fingering weight wool/nylon sock yarn. Because I knit them on size #0 needles to create cushy dense fabric that would theoretically last longer and because he has size 11 1/2 feet they took me what felt like forever to finish. I remember figuring that if I had knit the same number of stitches out of a worsted weight yarn I could have made him something as large as a Sweater instead of a mere pair of Socks!

The man highly respects handknits and decided that he would only wear his special socks to bed on cold winter nights. – He’s such a sweetie. – Even so, it only took him a couple of years to wear holes through them. – sigh – I know he enjoyed and cherished them, but that seemed a very short lifespan considering the amount of time I’d invested.

I considered re-knitting them from the ankle down but, instead, a year ago I sewed him a pair of slipper socks from the sleeves of a wool thrift store sweater. Knitting the ribbed cuffs was much faster and simpler than knitting new heels, feet and toes!

397 sox - modeled

By the end of the winter, after only – what? – ten weeks of wear, they also had holes in their heels. harumph. Let me show you.

Although Emily seemed rather interested in what was going on,

536 sock models

a grapefruit proved to be a far more practical sock heel model.

536 hole in heel

gasp. I’m amazed that DH doesn’t even notice the holes he creates until they’ve grown this large!

I’d been thinking about sewing him a new pair of sweater socks using a wool/nylon sweater in hopes that they would last longer. But then I got what I hope will be an Even Better Idea! – actually two better ideas.

I thought – DH wears holes through sock heels. Weeell. . . I can eliminate that problem by simply eliminating the heels! lol.

Yoga Socks have no heels or toes. They’re meant to warm your feet while still giving you  plenty on traction on the floor or mat. Removing a sock’s toe and heel leaves a simple knitted tube with a slit, quite similar to the simple fingerless mitts I so often make for DH. Still I wanted to find an actual yoga sock pattern.

I ended up combining Diana MyKay’s Mindful Yoga Socks with Lion Brand’s Stirrup Socks by Shiri Mor, both free patterns meant for worsted weight yarn. And that was my Second Idea, switching to worsted weight from fingering weight. A much heavier yarn means a much more quickly completed project!

I chose this blue marled 69% wool/ 19 angora/ 12 nylon yarn that I unraveled from a thrift store sweater some time ago. Notice the nylon content; hopefully it means longer sock life! I’ll be very happy if these simple yoga socks last DH at least a year.

536 Emily 'helps'

HA! Emily’s timing, as usual, is uncanny. Let’s try that shot again.

536 yarn pile

Although I knit rather slowly, these yoga socks are still going much faster than those fingering weight sleeping socks did. Yay! One down, one to go.

536 one sock done!

I imagine that DH will wear them over a pair of cotton athletic socks, like this, so I’m making them rather roomy.

536 ta-dah!

– That’s My foot, My hot pink sock, btw. –

Maybe he’ll prefer to wear them alone. If so, these are an easy knit; I won’t mind making him a smaller pair,

536 one and a half yoga socks

or, even, a pair with toes! And if he’d prefer a different color, I’ll just over-dye some of this yarn. After all I have a whole sweater’s worth.


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2 Responses to Delayed by Socks

  1. AnnB says:

    I have a pair of socks from worsted weight acrylic (RH) that a coworker made me in trade for a couple of crocheted potholders. She told me at the time and recently that she stands by her heels and toes and will re-knit them if I wear holes through. I need to treat them a bit less delicately the next wash and let them go through the washer to make them softer and perhaps looser. Then I’ll wear them more as slippers around the house.

    • Whether she made that promise because she’s a very nice person or simply because she knows that yarn will never wear out, either way your ‘forever socks’ were a wonderful trade! May you wear them in good health. 🙂

      The very first pair of socks that I knit were of a self-striping worsted weight acrylic. They came out so cute and colorful but I soon discovered that even thin wool socks felt warmer to my feet, so I donated them away. Oh well, the project still did a great job of teaching me how to make socks.

      I haven’t noticed any difference from machine washing, but I think a short ride in a hot dryer will soften and relax almost any acrylic yarn.

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