#9 It’s Fiesta! Time

I thought I’d find a really good way to use up show off my remaining Red Heart Fiesta ‘Light Periwinkle’ .

536 two skeins 'Fiesta'

It’s about time! I bought 4 skeins of it at Savers for 75¢ each – yay! – back in April of 2012. ‘Hilltops and Fair Skies’, Ripple #35 of that year, took a tad over 2 skeins. The rest has waited in my charity stash ever since.

This ad photo of a striped summer tee

536 ad for top

gave me the idea of mixing various width stripes of ‘Light Periwinkle’ and navy.

Using up both Old Stash and a few of my many small balls and partial skeins of navy yarns

536 navy scrap balls

was going to make this ripple a Big Win-Win for me!

With 10 ounces of Fiesta and over a pound of the navy, I knew I had enough for one of my usual kid-sized ripples. (10 + 16 = 26 oz. x 3.33 rows/ounce = 86 rows) But then I thought a little more about the 5 to 8 ratio of blue (10 ounces) to navy (16 ounces) Hmmm. Heavy on the navy, it would be a Rather Dark Ripple. So I dove back into stash for these two partial skeins of solid blue (4 ounces) that are sooo similar to my Light Periwinkle Fiesta.

536 four skeins

A little more blue, a little less navy. . . I was liking this blanket more and more!

536 close-up

I decided early on that I wasn’t even going to try to duplicate the complicated striping pattern of that inspirational top!

536 ad for top

I’m very pleased with my simpler version.

Blue Jeans

536 full

That’s one and a half more pounds of blue yarns turned into Ripply goodness. My Blue Stashdown is going well!

536 folded

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  1. Renee says:


  2. I’d say it’s going well!

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