Which End Up

It wasn’t immediately apparent to DH which way he should wear his Birthday Yoga Socks. 538 emily Hmmm. That fluffy tail conceals DH’s left toes quite well, doesn’t it? Emily! What a silly cat. lol. As usual. . . we simply posed and shot, again. 538 up or down It’s always nice to have options. DH, do you prefer peek-a-boo or fully exposed toes? I suppose it depends on the weather. This is the way the designers intended them to be worn, but both of the yoga sock patterns are One Size when it comes to the length of the instep. For a size 11 1/2 man’s foot, I think they could stand to be an inch longer but DH says they’re fine the way they are. That means they’re Done and I can weave in the yarn ends. yay! 538 ta-dah He also says his New wool/nylon Yoga/Sleeping Socks are very cushy and so Wonderfully Warm that he doesn’t even notice the open toes and heels. Double Yay!

It seems likely that I’ll eventually knit DH another pair of  ‘real’ socks with toes and heels. . . but the next ones will have Replaceable Heels! I’m sure that there are several different ways to knit socks so you can easily re-knit their heels. The method I’m most familiar with is called the Afterthought Heel. You knit what is essentially a tube sock and when you get to the spot where you want the heel to be you knit halfway around the tube using a piece of scrap yarn and then return to knitting with your regular yarn. Once you’ve finished making the tube and toe, you pick out the scrap yarn, put the open stitches back on the needles and knit in a heel. Cool, eh?

Even cooler is that the heels can be knit in exactly the same way as the toes! That means there are no heel flaps or gussets to fiddle with. So Simple!!

I went looking for an afterthought heel pattern to match the knitting gauge of this particular yarn and found a brief tutorial, which has the most pertinent information. I plan to use a highly contrasting color for the heels, – Have to see what other colors I have in wool/nylon worsted. – so when, sooner or later, I need to replace them, I’ll be able to easily see which stitches I should remove.

Gee, it kind of sounds like I’m preparing to knit these socks for DH right away, doesn’t it? Well, you know what they say, “There’s no time like the present.”

Speaking of ‘the present’, I’m more excited about knitting DH another pair of socks than I am about his other birthday request, two sets of router bits. – Yawn. – Although I do like the cute little wooden boxes they came in, juuuust long enough for dpns. Hmmm.

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3 Responses to Which End Up

  1. AnnB says:

    The socks my coworker/friend made have contrast heels and toes and top band. I just thought, how cool. Yet that is the apparent ease of replacing the heels and toes. And I was thinking when she said she would replace them it would be a difficult task. Not so much.

    • I knitted socks with cool contrasting parts looong before I knew there was such a thing as Afterthought Heels. Considering that your friend has probably offered the same Sock Warranty for several other pairs she’s made, I certainly hope she knows about this or a similar replacement method!

  2. Bettina says:

    happy birthday DH! great modelling, as always 🙂 great idea about highly contrasting heels to help identify the “replaceable” section

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