#11 A Green-ish Ripple

Two weeks ago my ‘Blue Jeans Ripple’ featured Red Heart’s ‘Fiesta’ yarn, which contained a little dark green, pink and white with the predominate Light Periwinkle‘.

537 two skeins 'Fiesta'

I wanted today’s blanket to highlight another special yarn, RHSS ‘Frosty Green Fleck’, a more traditional-looking tweed. – The above link takes you to an even better close-up. – I knew that if I combined it with a bunch of distracting colors the subtle fluffy little bits of grey, light brown and black could easily be overlooked so I went hunting for yarns that would instead help show them off.

539 fleck skein

Yay! to using up very old stash! It felt so good to find a home for more of my old DuPont ecru, part of a late 2011 donation.

203A  pile of creme yarn

The only other yarn this ripple needed was a small skein of dark brown.

539 fleck ripple close-up

2 ecru – 3 fleck – 2 ecru – 1 brown and repeat until your blanket is long enough, or you run out of one of the yarns, whichever comes first!

Now, I’d like you to meet. . .


539 fleck full view

Frosty Green might not be as Bright of a green as we’ve come to expect, but it will do.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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7 Responses to #11 A Green-ish Ripple

  1. Bettina says:

    that’s really lovely … and very restrained for you 🙂

  2. Kathy says:

    Nice! I like the Frosty Green yarn color…used it quite a few times! Happy St. Patricks Day!
    Kathy 🙂

  3. AnnB says:

    A current home decor color scheme. Very nice.

  4. Alene G says:

    I have a lot of different color yarns by different brands. How do you match them to your blankets? Like all the same # yarn, Say #4? Or do you mix? And if they don’t have a band how can you tell what weight it is. Thanks. Love your blankets.

    • Hi Alene and Welcome to alottastitches!

      I sometimes mix several different brands of yarn in one blanket. I like for them to all have the same washing instructions, whether by machine or by hand, and be of about the same weight. And, yes, I usually use #4, or medium weight, yarns.

      But if you were to compare a single strand of several different #4 yarns, you’ll notice that they’re not all exactly the same thickness. Why, even within the very same brand of yarn, the thickness may vary! For example, some colors of Red Heart Super Saver are a little thicker than others. This would be a big problem if we were making little squares that needed to be exactly the same size, but for a ripple, as long as they’re close in thickness I freely mix yarns. The same goes for any unlabeled yarns. I just go by sight and feel.

      But what happens if one yarn happens to be quite a bit thicker or thinner? Well, Caron One Pounder is definitely heavier than most other #4 yarns. Any rows crocheted of it will be noticeable thicker feeling and if I were to make any Big stripes with it those parts of the blanket will be a little wider causing the blanket’s side edges to waver in and out. Neither of these are terrible things to have happen, especially if they’re part of a repeating pattern, but not everyone is going to like those results, so it’s nice to know beforehand what you can expect.

      Hope this info helps you.

      You’re very welcome! And Thank You!! 🙂

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