Extra Easy

I thought that I should make some more fleece blankets for the foster kids –  Good grief, I haven’t done any since #61 & 62 before Christmas! – but sometimes I have a real hard time shifting my mental gears in order to start a new project. It’s so much easier to just stay in Ripple Gear and make another, and another, and yet another ripple!

Then I came across this pretty plaid fleece in my stash.

543 PLD front

Surprise! It’s already hemmed.

543 PLD hemmed

This means I can skip the prep steps of squaring it up, measuring and trimming it to about a 1:1.5 rectangle, the blanket shape I happen to prefer, and rounding off its corners. All I had to do was make holes for adding a crochet border by running my rotary skip-stitch blade (explained in this earlier post) between the blanket’s folded edge and the machine stitching. Yay!

543 PLD holes

That was so fast and easy, it kinda felt like cheating! lol.

I’ve chosen RHSS Country Blue for the my border.

543 PLD blue yarn

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4 Responses to Extra Easy

  1. tiniree says:

    Can’t wait to see the final blankie 🙂

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