Peel and Chop

It’s time once again to make Easter crayons for the younger foster kids’ baskets.

All of the crayons I’ve been given to recycle so far this year have been sorted by color, – My thanks go to helpful Girl Scouts who save me so much time. – but some still have their paper wrappers.

540 1 bag #1I laid a bath sheet down to catch all of the crayon crumbs I’m about to create.

540 2 set-upIt’s safer to wash a documentary than an action-packed movie while I’m removing labels, as I’m working with a sharp matte knife!

540 5 slicedEarly on I noticed there are many New or barely used crayons in this batch. I can’t stand the thought of chopping them into bits, so I set them aside.

540 3 too newRemoving labels is easy, relaxing work.

540 6 peelSoon I’m peering into Bag #2.

540 8 bag #2What’s this?

540 9 singles

So many Ziplocs with only one or two crayons in them! Someone’s very careful way of sorting a single box of crayons? ? lol. Who knows!

By the time DH joins me I’ve made real progress.  Notice how many ‘new’ crayons I’ve collected in that white cottage cheese container in the upper right corner!

540 bag1 peeled

I’m so glad that DH is willing to help

540 11 choppingbecause there are many many crayons waiting to be chopped up – 40 pounds in all!

540 bags #2 + #3

Chop chop, chop chop, chop chop.

Maybe a thrilling movie would be better at this point. It might help us speed up our chopping rhythm. . .  chopchopchop, chopchop, chopchopchop!!

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8 Responses to Peel and Chop

  1. Verneta says:

    Oh what a lovely crayon rainbow! I can certainly relate to the one crayon in a bag as I’m a little OCD (okay, sometimes a lot)! God, bless those sweet Girl Scouts! Have a wonderful weekend, Linda!

  2. AnnB says:

    An Ulu knife would make this quick work. Some are expensive for a finely made one, with cheaper knock offs.

    • I’d be happy to buy an Ulu if I knew it would work.
      DH keeps all of our kitchen knives sharpened but Crayolas are much harder than vegetables. No matter which type of knife I use, bits go flying across the kitchen!
      Do you have an Ulu? Mind sacrificing a few old Crayola Crayons? How about doing a little experiment for us?

  3. Bettina says:

    that’s hilarious!! one crayon per bag …agh 🙂 happy chopping!!!

  4. Lovely. Easter colors are so pretty. And….I just discovered a bag of crayons while organizing my yarn/book/whatever room and daughter doesn’t want them. Do you?

    • Thank you so much for thinking of the foster kids!

      I appreciate that you’d like to see your crayons be put to good use, and it’s not like I wouldn’t use them eventually, but since I have 40 pounds of crayons on hand it doesn’t seem practical to ship some all the way from AL to CT.

      Then again, like with an offer of free yarn, it’s hard to just say no. HAha. So I’ll leave the decision up to you.

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