#13 & 14 Two Blue Fleeces

The pre-hemmed plaid blanket came out looking great!

544 PLD full viewI used my usual pattern for its crocheted border.

544 PLD close-upThe machine hemming gives the back a more finished look than the rolled raw edge that my blankets usually have. Even so, I will NOT be hemming all my fleeces before I add borders!

544 PLD front and back

I thought I’d really hit the jackpot when I discovered that my second blue fleece, a snowflake one that I so want to finish and pass on before the few remaining drifts of snow have melted, was also machine hemmed! But on closer examination I found that, not only was every edge wavy and two of its corners more swish shaped than square, it also had a Dark Brown SPOT! – Sorry, didn’t think to take pics to share. – Luckily the spot was only a couple of inches in from the edge. Yay! I didn’t even try to wash it out; I just trimmed it away along with the wavy hem.

No one will ever suspect the problems this fleece once had.

543 snowflakes fleece


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One Response to #13 & 14 Two Blue Fleeces

  1. Bettina says:

    lovely and snuggly!!

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