The End of Winter

My local Salvation Army store celebrated the End of Winter with an unannounced sale. With the 50% mark down on all winter clothing and accessories, I was extra thorough as I swept through the racks, yet I found nothing for DH! I thought of him as I fingered a fine Italian merino scarf, but decided he didn’t really need a second brown striped one. I did buy three other scarves though. Whee! They’re all of synthetic fibers but, at these low, low prices, I don’t mind.

I tried to imagine how this black and white striped one would look with my Red winter coat.

542 black/white striped scarf

Pretty good I think.

542 coat and scarf

I’ve already removed the ratty fringe and worn it once. HEhe, just $2.00.

By the way, that coat came from Sal’s too. I got it a few weeks ago. It happened to have the right color of tag for that particular day’s 50% sale. $5.50 plus dry cleaning.

I love its funky buttons!

542 red buttons

This solid red scarf might be very soft brushed wool, $1.50. I offered it to DH, thinking it would look good with his dark coat, but he says it’s Too Bright for him.

542 red scarfThat’s alright. I have a charcoal vest it’ll look Great with!

Yarn in skein form has been very rare at Sal’s lately. Luckily, yarn also comes in scarf and sweater forms! I bought this third scarf, hand knit of a strand of solid green held with a strand rainbow variegated, for the 12 ounces of yarn, $2.00.

542 vrgtd scarf

I’ll be unraveling this sweater too, $2.50 for 14 ounces. Neither of these were great deals for acrylic yarn, but both pieces are in pristine condition and it is variegated yarn, which I know costs more.

542 vrgtd sweater

I almost missed this green boiled wool jacket.

542 green jacket

I saw it last week but hadn’t bothered to try it on because I thought it was Grey and I have plenty of Grey sweaters. But the other day when I pulled it out to show a friend, I suddenly realized that it’s Green! Luckily she didn’t want it because it fits me perfectly! Unbelievably, it was only $3.99 to start with, so $2.00 on sale.

This incredibly soft sweater is of 70% lambswool/ 20 Angora and 10% nylon.

542 green sweater

I picked it out thinking ‘more worsted weight yarn for house socks’ but as I chatted about my ongoing sock project with two women waiting for the dressing room, I decided that I will remove the cowl neck intact and sew the lower sleeves and cuffs into fingerless mitts for a matching set that might look really good with my ‘new’ darker green jacket! The sweater body alone will provide more than enough yarn for socks, even for DH’s big ole feet. lol. $2.00

$2.00 for scrumptious cowl, fingerless mitts and yarn – Yee Ha!!

Thrifty Total (winter coat purchased earlier not included): $12.00

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6 Responses to The End of Winter

  1. Karen says:

    Wow! What great deals! I love all your finds. I think I’ll check out my local Sal’s this weekend!

  2. tiniree says:

    SCORE! Nice job 😉

  3. Bettina says:

    outstanding haul … well done!!! 🙂

  4. What a score! And creative thinking, too!!

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