More ‘End of Winter’

Winter garments were again half-off at Sal’s and all winter accessories were 99¢! I knew chances were slim that I’d find anything I wanted but figured it wouldn’t take long to have a look.

I tried on several pieces, but only kept this cute little greenish-grey vest. I can forgive the rather meh color because I love shawl collars and especially like the way this one so smoothly merges into the extra-wide ribbed buttonband. I like the vest’s interesting overall stitch pattern too.

546 cute vest

But I’m not in love with that button.

I can live with how large it is; – I understand that Big Buttons are in. –  it’s the Lavender of it – so not my color – and the Shininess that I don’t care for. I’ll probably find a better one among those that I’ve saved from sweaters I’ve unravel.

At check-out I learned that the store manager doesn’t consider short-sleeved sweaters and vests as “Winter Garments”, so no discount for me. – boo-hoo. – That’s about as upset as I could get since I was buying a pristine Dress Barn sweater vest that fits me perfectly, for $3.99!

546 vest tags

I also found a 99¢ winter scarf for DH. It’s lambswool/angora. yum!

546 tan scarf

It will replace the darker tan lambswool scarf that I knit DH for Christmas of 2008. It has s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d, getting much longer and narrower over the years. It’s now only four inches across at the center!

546 2 scarvesOf course, I’m going to unravel the old scarf. I wonder what the yarn will become in its next life! – Life #1 Thrift Shop Sweater – #2 DH’s Scarf – #3 ??

DH and I have already unraveled last week’s thrifty acrylic yarn finds. We did the green variegated sweater first as I was looking forward to making a ripple with it.

546 green ombre

Unfortunately, the only green in my stash that looks good with it happens to be a fine chenille. No, I will not crochet most of a blanket with double-stranded chenille. That would be Tooooo Sloooooow! This yarn will just have to wait in stash for a little while.

I expect that I’ll have an easier time finding color companions for the rainbow variegated from the scarf. The dark green that it came with is a good start. – And I know what you’re thinking; no, this dark green doesn’t go well with the green ombre above. lol. How I wish that it did! –

546 rainbw and greenFunny, none of the little balls exactly match the green of the large one. Nice to know that I’m not the only one who resorts to using tiny scraps in order to finish a project.

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