Spring Stash Enhancement

A bag of mystery yarns waited for me in the blanket drop box at the library the other day.

550 mystery bag in driveWhen I got home I only allowed myself a little peek inside – like this –


cuz I didn’t have time to photograph the yarn right then. Hmmm, looks like there’s a nice variety of yellows in there, some Bright ones as well as some mellow ones. And a full skein of RHSS Light Blue!

Later, when I laid out all the skeins, I realized just how much yellow there is. Wooo-Whoo!! I’m going to have such a good time making Sunny Spring and Summer Ripples!

550 all skeinsAnd I especially appreciate this influx of white! I enjoy the challenge of crocheting ripples from my stash, but I’ve rationed my whites for so long, I was thinking I might actually go buy some! – gasp – lol.

My special thanks to all anonymous yarn fairies.

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One Response to Spring Stash Enhancement

  1. Verneta says:

    How exciting! Take care, Linda!

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