#18 Beguiled by a Top

It’s the same old story – I clipped a photo from a newspaper flyer and tucked it away for future inspiration. Man, oh man, these tiny slips of paper come in handy when my brain’s color-combo generator stalls out!

547 striped top ad

A few of the yarns I matched to the photo are RHSS Aruba, Royal, and Turqua, Caron One Pound White and a teal chenille that I unraveled from a thrift shop sweater a long time ago.

547 close-up

It was so windy on the day I wanted to shoot photos for this post that I imagined my blanket flying away like a kite! DH kindly cleared space for me in his woodshop over the garage. We thought the northern skylights would give a soft even light.

547 skylight

I was able to lay the carpet and ripple directly under a skylight. yay!

547 garage

Hmmm, turns out that this color combo is quite similar to that of the second ripple of 2014, ‘An Arctic Chill’.Β 

522 full view

How did that happen? Guess I was so beguiled by that top, I forgot to check its colors against those of all my earlier ripples. Well, at least this latest ripple is differentiated a little by the random width striping.


547 full view

What a coincidence if this blanket should someday meet its fraternal twin!

547 folded

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14 Responses to #18 Beguiled by a Top

  1. AnnB says:

    The black gives it a zing the other blue one doesn’t have….a resting place between the blues. Well done.

  2. Karen says:

    Love it! I like the scrappy ones the best! πŸ™‚

  3. Alene Degeorge says:

    Wow! It’s like being at the beach! Ripple, Ripple. Love it

  4. Elizabeth Smith says:

    Love your color choices, as always. I recently came across this site with lots of Red Heart color combos. http://www.thecrochetcrowd.com/en/trendy-colours-for-2013-by-diva-dan.html?limitstart=0

    • Thanks so much for sharing this link.
      It took me a moment to realize that I needed to look below all the ‘Free Patterns’ info – “Where, oh, where did they hide the Red Heart color combos?!” – but I persevered. lol. . . another fun design tool for my collection. Yay!

      • Elizabeth Smith says:

        I forgot to mention that the pages take a long time to load. I’m working on a ripple now out of the color combo, Lavendar Potpourri. We have a local charity crochet/knitting group that makes blankets and afghans for nursing homes. We get monetary donations from churches and civic organizations which is used to buy yarn. Most of the yarn purchased is Red Heart, so I was really excited to find these color palettes.

      • “I forgot to mention that the pages take a long time to load.” – Not a problem, I’m used to the speed of our internet connection fluctuating wildly at times, so I just blamed it on that.

        Nice Choice! I’m tempted to make a ‘Lavendar Potpourri’ ripple of my own, although there would probably only one or two authentic Red Heart colors in it. My charity stash has alot of vintage labels at the moment.

        A few of my ripples have ended up at a nursing home too, as prizes for the monthly Bingo tournament! πŸ™‚

  5. Kathy says:

    Very soothing! Love the colors of the warm tropical waters!
    Kathy πŸ™‚

  6. AnnB says:

    Maybe you know of this or not, a random stripe generator – http://www.biscuitsandjam.com/stripe_maker.php
    There’s also one on that site to use for weighted (fixed) amounts of yarn.
    See also stripegenerator.com used for web design but works for other arts as well.

    • Thank you very, very much for sharing this, Ann! I knew about Biscuit and Jam’s original random stripe generator, but not the new Weighted one, which is perfect for my charity stash. I must share this news with all my readers; I’m off to write Thursday’s post about it!

      Will check out stripegenerator.com later.

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