#19 A Little Ripple

With this blanket I succeeded in using the rest of the heavy yarns, mostly Caron One Pound, that were left in my stash after I made the ‘Tropical Fruit Salad’ and ‘Desert Sunset’ ripples.

553 close

Unfortunately, it came out rather short at only 46″, instead of my usual 54″. I briefly considered adding more rows on both ends, but knew that using thinner yarns would result in fabric that felt wimpy in comparison to the rest of the blanket, and besides, 35″ x 46″ isn’t a bad size, for a Baby Blanket. Yay!

553 STMPY-full

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2 Responses to #19 A Little Ripple

  1. tiniree says:

    Love this one Linda! I’ve wondered how you change colors? Do you knot the two strands? No knots? Just curious 😉

    • Thank you!

      I change colors as I finish the last dc of a row, like this, but leaving longer ends than in the video, about 4″. I do the first stitch of the next row – a special dc that I use instead of a turning chain – before I knot the two ends together. The knot hides out nestled between the first and second stitch. Next I work over the ends for several stitches, usually all the way up to the first ripple peak, and trim off any extra.

      There are so many different ways to do it. How do you change colors?

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