#20 Pear Seeds

This week’s ripple was inspired by a color palette from Design-Seeds.com, a wonderful web site that I learned about through a Ravelry friend. Thanks, Karen!

This particular combo is called ‘Pear Brights’.

551 pear seed

I may freely share it with you here in alottastitches cuz its designer, Jessica Colaluca, chose to publish it under a Creative Commons copyright. Thank you, Jessica!

Wow, the camera really captured the fuzziness of the teal chenille yarn that I used!

555 pear - close-up

The colors and stripes:

2 rows of aqua, Spinnerin Deluxe 4-ply and Sayelle / 2 of teal chenille (thrift store sweater yarn) / 2 RHSS Soft Navy / 1 rust / 2 RHSS Gold / 1 row of very crinkled cream, which I obviously unraveled from something!

In homage, I’m calling it. . .

Bright Pears

555 pear - full view

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9 Responses to #20 Pear Seeds

  1. Melissa says:

    I have been looking for this website!!! I could NOT remember what it was called!! I had just messaged someone on Rav about it. So thank you for that and….just wow. You just have an amazing sense of color and balance and make such beautiful things. I am always excited when I get a message saying you have a new post up πŸ˜‰

    • I have trouble remembering ‘Design Seeds’ too. It’s a short simple name, and makes perfect sense, so why can’t I seem to think of it when I need it?!?! arghh. Design Seeds Design Seeds Design Seeds Design Seeds Design Seeds Design Seeds Design Seeds

      Thanks so much for sharing your enthusiasm over my latest, but I think you give me way too much credit for how well it turned out. – I never would have come up with this color combination on my own and I copied the order of the colors right from the Design Seeds palette. I can’t even take credit for how well balanced it is as the amount I had of each color yarn decided what width the stripes would be! lol.

      I’ve set aside yarns for a ‘Vintage Tones’ ripple. Let’s hope it comes out looking as good.

  2. Bettina says:


  3. AnnB says:

    Thank you for the link to Design Seeds. I signed up to receive notices in my e-mail so I can be reminded of this tool.

  4. Kathy says:

    Very Pretty! πŸ™‚

  5. It never occurred to me that you weren’t aware of this site with all your color designs! Well, you definitely started off with a bang. This is spectacular!

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