Inspired by A Quilt

I bought this book of quilt patterns, ‘Colorwash Bargello Quilts’ by Beth Ann Williams, – $1.99 at Savers – because the quilt on its cover made me think of a crocheted ripple afghan.

556 BRG book

Inside I found far more complex Bargello* designs. Wow!!

I wondered if there was a way to duplicate the Bargello stair step effect in crochet.

Searching on-line I came across Laura Pavy’s free ‘Victorian Step Bargello’ crochet pattern. (scroll down) It explains how to use multiples of the pattern repeat to create anything from a scarf width up to a king-sized blanket using DK yarn with a 3.5 mm (E) hook. I was delighted to find a tutorial on YouTube. – Laura has also designed several other interesting Bargello patterns, all of which are in her ebook, ‘Not Your Nana’s Needlework, Bargello Crochet Row Designs’.

But I still was hoping to find a free Bargello crochet pattern, – One written for heavier weight yarns like I use in my ripples would be especially nice. – so I kept hunting. I was so happy when I found the Craft Yarn Council’s free ‘Cascade Crochet Afghan’ pattern! Yes! This style is more my speed. . . a bigger hook + bigger yarn = a more quickly finished charity project.

I couldn’t tell much from the pattern’s one photo, but Ravelry project close-ups reveal more details. Each Bargello ‘step’ is five posts wide – some ‘posts’ are dcs and some are made of chains. Reading through project notes I noticed that many people made two chain posts instead of the pattern’s three chain ones. Something to remember!

The Cascade Afghan begins with a chain of 295 and comes out 59″ wide. But my little ripples are usually only about 36″ wide. That’s 61% of 59″, (36 ÷ 59 = .61) so I know that I need a chain of at least 180 stitches. (295 x .61 = 180) Not knowing the exact number of stitches in one pattern repeat I’m going to begin with a chain of 200. I can always unravel the extras.

I can’t wait to get started!

* Bargello – a style of embroidery that dates back to the Middle Ages. Its name comes from the Bargello Palace in Florence and is sometimes known as ‘Florentine’.

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2 Responses to Inspired by A Quilt

  1. Jana says:

    Looking forward to seeing your progress on this adventure. I have come across this pattern before and want to try it myself, but have to finish a couple others first. Thank you for sharing the links. I’m sure you will come up with another visual masterpiece to share with us!

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