Fun with Planning Stripes

I’ve known about the amazing Random Stripe Generator for years.  This tool can offer a seemingly endless number of stripe designs for whatever combination of colors you may have gathered. All you need to do is:

  1. Simply choose which of the 77 colors available most resemble the colors of yarn you want to use.
  2. Decide the number of rows you’d like your stripe widths.
  3. Decide the total number of rows you want in your design.
  4. The last step in the process is very simple, yet very exciting! Press the “Generate My Stripes” button at the bottom of the screen. BaZing! What Fun!

If you’re not crazy about the initial result, you can make adjustments in #1-3 before trying again or leave things as they are and just push the ‘Generate’ button over and over til you see something you like.

I usually have limited amounts of the yarns I want to use, so I have seldom, if ever?, used the Random Stripe Generator to create a charity ripple design. But there’s no longer a good reason for me to stay away because, thanks to Monday’s comment left by reader AnnB, – Hi Ann! – I now know about the NEW Weighted Random Stripe Generator, which Caitlin introduced on her blog, Biscuits and Jam, this January.

Although you can’t choose the width of the stripes this new generator will make, you can still choose from the same amazing array of 77 colors and decide on a total number of rows. The BIG change is that now you can enter the amount that you have of each color! You don’t need to figure out your color’s ‘relative weights’, just fill the number of ounces or grams that you have of each color. (Before you start, check that you have enough yarn all together for the size of blanket you want to make. )

As before, the excitement comes when you press the ‘magic button’ and a stripe design appears that fits your particular yarn supply! Woo-Whoo!! This new generator could really simplify my design process! I can hardly wait to try it out, but the Bargello Ripple comes first.

These tools are also useful for planning Non-Random/Repeating Stripes! Enter the entire weight that you have of each color yarn, just like before, but then ask for a small number of rows, a number that divides evenly into the total number of rows in the blanket. For example, my ripples are usually about 84 rows long, so I could generate a short 12-row design and then repeat it 7 times over the blanket’s length. (12 x 7 = 84)

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8 Responses to Fun with Planning Stripes

  1. Isnt it FUN to play with??

    • YES, it is!! – so cool to be able to preview any mix of colors I want.

      As soon as I tire of pushing that little button, I want to find how it feels to crochet from a computer generated plan. I wonder if I’ll be able to follow it faithfully without changing Anything?

  2. tiniree says:

    Oooooo this sounds wonderful!

  3. Renee says:

    Hmmm guess I’ll have to check this out!

  4. Oooooooo…… a new toy to play with! I love your last tip about asking it for a smaller number of rows if doing a repeat pattern.

    As you can tell I’m having a Catch Up With Alottastitches morning. 🙂

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