#22 Worth the Bother

Here is my first Bargello Ripple,

Fresh Sweet Corn.

559 BRG-lndscp

Counting my left over chains, – Remember, I had decided to try 200. – I think I used 187 to get a 35″ wide five-point ripple.

559 BRG - full view

I’ll double-check that number if I ever make another. In the meantime, you can do as I did and cut off all but 5 or so of the extra chain stitches and then unravel the five for a generous yarn end to weave in.

The Cascade Crochet Afghan was a relatively easy pattern. I took a Ravelers’ advice and changed the pattern’s three-stitch chains to two-stitch ones. I also wrote out a little reminder card for myself. –  –

Going UP Stairs:

  1. 3 dc
  2. slip st in last chain before next set of dcs
  3. chain 2

Going DOWN Stairs:

  1. 3 dc
  2. chain 2
  3. slip st in very next chain

I doubt that makes any sense to you, but it sure helped me stay on track, so I’m storing a copy here in the blog where I can’t possibly lose it.

Crocheting this went Very Slowly compared to my usual speedy charity ripples, so I don’t plan to make Cascades by the dozen, but the unique results are worth the extra time spent. The little blocks of stitches combined with working in only the back loop creates an interesting added dimension that I like very much.

559 BRG - close-up

Some day I may try the Scalloped Ripple pattern by Kathy Blakely. Ooooh. . . I love how the variegated looks in steph-hanne’s ‘Scalloped’, the sole finished example in Ravelry. This pattern is in Leisure Arts publication #1008205, Herrshner’s Blue-Ribbon Afghans, which also happens to have another of Kathy’s designs, ‘Blue Star’, neither ripple or Bargello, but a very unique granny afghan design that deserves mention.

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1 Response to #22 Worth the Bother

  1. Definitely worth it! What an interesting and dramatic ripple!

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