Bigger and Better

The Salvation Army Thrift Store that I visit the most often was closed for the last couple of weeks of April. I’ve sometimes managed to stay away for as long as three weeks, so I handled this temporary shutdown pretty well, without developing any obvious signs of thrift withdrawal. HAha.

The store reopened May 3rd about three miles farther away in a much larger, brighter space of over 14,500 square feet! Other than feeling slightly disoriented by the necessary change in my long-standing errand route, I’m very happy about this move, happy to be rid of the old store’s narrow aisles, beat up carpet and the fabric curtain that served as a ‘door’ on its one cramped dressing room, happy to no longer have to dodge potholes in the parking lot.

Apprehensive that a larger store could mean larger prices, I’m very relieved to report that prices seem to have remained about the same and a few were even reduced! For example, these two 3-ounce balls of yarn were only 50¢ each, while at the old store they would have been 99.

558 two balls of yarn

– I think the yellow and green is Sugar ‘n Cream Lime Stripes. Amazon charges $2.29 for a 2-ounce ball of it, while I paid 50¢ for three ounces, obviously an Excellent Find!! –

And coloring books, along with all other paper backs, are now only 3/$1.00! I picked out nine in excellent condition

558 nine coloring books

and this 49¢ wooden frog puzzle for foster children.

558 frog puzzle

Sadly, I didn’t recognize a single face among the store’s staff; I miss my peeps! But my first couple of visits have been after five; maybe the clerks with more seniority work the day shift. When it’s convenient I’m going to start at the opposite end of my route so I can get to Sal’s earlier in the day and find out.

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2 Responses to Bigger and Better

  1. Karen says:

    I’m not surprised that’s all the yarn you found–my local Sal’s NEVER has any yarn. In fact, I no longer bother to go there to look. Have much better luck at Saver’s, but even there the pickings can be slim. I used to find yarn often at all of the thrifts. Now it seems that no one donates their unwanted yarn any more, or else people snap it up as soon as it hits the floor (very frustrating!).

    • I think it’s just that more people are snapping it up, cuz there’s been no shortage in the amount of yarn that’s donated through my blanket charity. I know that the department store atmosphere of Savers has gotten a whole new crowd comfortable with the idea of shopping at thrift resale shops. Ever notice that Savers never refers to itself as a ‘thrift store’? They’ve got some clever marketing strategies.

      Anyway. . . I’m going to keep checking in at Sal’s cuz its new location is still more convenient for me than Savers and their prices are better. I figure I’ve got just as good a chance of being there when the next BIG stash arrives as anyone else!

      Keep up the hope – you may come across a fantastic yarn haul tomorrow!

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