#23 Inspired by a Nightshirt

Check out this snippet that I cut from an ad for a brightly striped summer nightshirt.

561 nightshirt adI was quite surprised by how many similar colors I had in my charity yarn stash!

561 close-upI didn’t have much of the turquoise so I added a teal chenille that I unraveled from a thrift shop sweater.

Let’s see if I can remember where all of the other yarns came from. . .

I got two skeins of the Bright Orange at Savers last spring for $1.60, not a fantastic price for eight ounces of acrylic, but I love the intense color of this Panda brand yarn!!

561 PANDA orangeHere’s the rest of that day’s haul.

561 - vrgtds and threadsTwo variegated skeins for $2.00 and Gobs of sewing thread for $4.80 (All prices are after my 20% over 55 discount). Yay! It’s fun to finally celebrate that thrifty little find with you, only one year late. lol.

The skeins of ‘Medium Peony’ and ‘Medium Jade’ Windrush arrived much more recently through From the Heart, the local charity that delivers my blankets to DCF.

0-FTH-SHBT-closeNow the white, that’s Caron One Pound from the 2012 Historical Society Tag Sale. I’m sure of this because I recognize that particular haul’s handwritten price tags.

350 - yarn haul from Historical Society tag saleWhy has it hung around for so long? Because next to many colors, especially pastel ones, this white looks rather dingy with an odd grey tinge. But that’s not a problem with very bright colors, like those in today’s ripple!

That leaves two, a skein of turquoise Sayelle and an unlabeled hot pink, as yarns of unmemorable origin.

561 2 unknown skeinsBut I got 5 out of 7, not too too bad – proof that my memory isn’t yet completely shot, right!? Hopefully this will comfort me the next time that I’m in a grocery store and realize that I’ve left my list, reusable bags, coupons, or some other thing that I needed, either out in my car or, far worse, at home. Of course, that’s assuming Ill even remember today’s memory test. lol.

Hot Summer Nights

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5 Responses to #23 Inspired by a Nightshirt

  1. Bettina says:

    LOVE it!!!!! 🙂

  2. That is so lovely! And love that all the yarns came from different places! Great Repurpose!

  3. Kathy says:

    Very pretty! Love the color combo!
    Kathy 🙂

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