Where Ya Been?

I went missing for over a week. Did you wonder where I’d gone?

Oh, just playing up in our attic. . . and in New York. lol.

Let me explain. . .

I went into the attic a couple of weeks ago in hopes of finding the box(es?) of wool fabric that I vaguely remember my mom giving me several years ago, a simple expedition, or so one would think. But, once I’d pulled out, opened and replaced several boxes that were anything and everything but wool, I decided that I should sort through every box as I came to it, to see what I could get rid of. Of course this process took alotta time, but it still seemed better than just putting all the boxes back into the attic’s various nooks and crannies where they would probably again sit undisturbed for years!

Soooo I asked my older sister what kinds of fabrics she needed for her current charity sewing projects of making quilts for homeless men of Detroit, t-shirt dresses for a mission in Honduras and baby blankets, and then I started sorting my ‘assorted fabrics’ stash into Keep, Give to Sis and Donate to Charity piles. I did the same with alotta old craft supplies, Christmas decorations and a few quilts – not old as in antique old, I’m keeping those, just old/used quilts that were dearly loved in their day but will never again go on our bed.

While I sorted, sis had plenty of time to go through her yarn stash, looking for anything she might care to contribute to my charity projects. Our idea for a simple fabric / yarn exchange was complicated by the fact that she lives in the Midwest and I’m in New England, but we solved that problem by meeting at the mid-point – sort-of – between our two homes and spent a few days camping in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of New York State.

I’d like to say that a wonderful time was had by all, but it rained waaay too much, including LOUD nightly tent-hammering downpours. Thanks to our tents’ wonderfully designed rainflys we managed to stay relatively dry, but the weather still put a damper on our daytime plans. Oh, well – we’ll just have to visit Ganondagan, the historical site of a Seneca community and tour Rochester’s Victorian Mt. Hope Cemetery during our next rendezvous.

In exchange for dark-colored sturdy corduroys, denims and twills for the guys’ blankets, a rainbow of pastel polished cottons, many calico prints that could work for either baby blankets or dresses and several boxes of supplies remaining from my diverse past craft interests, I received a wonderful collection crochet cotton, mostly white and cream – I estimate there are at least fifty balls, lol, far more than I expected! –

563 cro-cotton from Sis

and this large box of yarn.

563 box of yarn from Sis

Sis passed a few of these on to me because they’re not really what you’d call baby blanket colors, but they’re Perfect for foster kids’ blankets! I think I’ll use these coordinating skeins of Sayelle ‘Chestnut’ and ‘Chestnut Sunset’ to start a new ripple very soon. The colors remind me of the Chimney Bluffs we visited near Sodus Bay, New York. – The rain paused long enough for us to take a mile-long hike along the narrow stony beach at the base of the 120 foot high bluffs. –

563 chestnut

This dark brown wool/acrylic blend will be perfect for more charity neckwarmers.

563 brown

I’m collecting bright fingering and sport weight yarns

563 thinner yarns

and setting aside all slippery Simply Soft for future weaving projects in the planning.

563 Simply Soft

I have so much more room to move around in the attic now! – Not only did I clear out a bunch of old stuff in boxes, we also moved a sturdy wooden work table to the garage where DH will use it a workbench. – enough room to easily sort and reorganize my quilt fabric stash. I can hardly wait!

P.S. Visiting thrift stores seemed the perfect rainy day activity, so we hit several in the Rochester, NY area. Astonishing, neither sis or I bought anything fibery! Though I was sorely tempted by some olive-green yarn that I thought would go well with a green variegated that I unraveled recently, the price wasn’t very good so I abstained.

I’d say sis and my best finds were our lovely ‘new’ flannel pjs; mine are a rather bold plaid.

563 'new' pjs

They were only $4.00 per set at Savers. DH scored a thin brown cotton/cashmere blend sweater, – the man recognizes great fiber even in a blend! – also $4.00, but from AmVets.

P.P.S. I did eventually find two boxes of wool fabrics from my mom. Woo-Whoo! This puts me one little step closer to learning how to hook rugs. Next I soften it by machine washing  and drying, then cut into narrow strips.

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