Crafty Invites

Invite #1 –

You may remember when I recently found this Big Bag of yarn waiting for me in the charity donation box at the library. I couldn’t help but share with the clerk at the checkout desk how I had just exchanged four of my ripples for enough yarn to make four more! She immediately responded with an invitation to join the knitting group that meets Friday mornings at the library. I was rather taken aback because I’ve known about this group for years but had always thought it was for Knitters Only. I thanked her, but, to make sure I understood correctly, also said that I crochet far more than I knit. She told me that she doesn’t knit at all, yet still feels welcome. Yay!

While I would prefer spending a cool, quiet morning out in my garden, at the computer, or in bed, lol, over going to a noisy meeting, I’m still likely to give this group a try. I just need to get a project on the hook/needles that I’ll feel comfortable sharing with complete strangers, so No unraveled yarn, scrap balls, or thrift shop Sayelle for a change. . . first impressions and all that. But, who knows, maybe I’ll find another thrifty knitter or crocheter among the 20 or so who regularly attend.

Invite #2 –

I often fall into conversation with other shoppers at Sal’s thrift store. This time it was with a women who recently got several partially hooked rugs at an auction. We got to chatting about her amazing find, laughing, rather loudly I suppose, and gesturing with our hands. A mutual acquaintance easily overheard us and commented how she could tell how much we enjoy ‘our crafts’ by how animated – Truthfully, she used the word ‘enraptured’! – we both suddenly became. I suppose it seemed pretty strange to someone, like her, who doesn’t engage in ANY kind of craft work – I know, hard to imagine isn’t it, a life without crafts! – but it felt pretty normal to both of us. lol.

Marcia, the rug hooker, is the reason I went on that wild wool hunt in my attic. We’re going to get together soon. I’m excited about getting to see her many rugs-in-progress and, with her help, learning how to hook a rug of my own!

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3 Responses to Crafty Invites

  1. Denise says:

    I have been invited to many groups and have all good intentions of going. I work 70 plus hours a week so I do enjoy a peaceful time at my home whenever I can get it. I feel much happier crocheting in bed or on my porch. I enjoy solitude. PS you’re an inspiration to me!

    • I love spending time home alone, but I also like tossing ideas around with creative friends. Several years ago I was in a knitting group that, in the beginning, was so much fun. I often laughed til I cried and we were regularly scolded by the librarian for being Too Loud! But sadly, over time it changed and eventually dissolved. I’ve visited a few other groups since, but have yet to find one that’s a good fit. Picky, picky me. HAha.

      re: you’re an inspiration. . . What a lovely thing to say! Thank you for telling me.

  2. Bettina says:

    how lovely to be asked … I usually find the events that seem like too much effort compared to a quiet evening “hooking” are the ones I enjoy the most … have fun 🙂

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