#27 – A Fourth Scrappy Ripple

The few yarn scraps that remained when I finished Scrappy #3 were so wee

565 s3 - full view

I selected a whole new scrap palette for today’s blanket.

567 scrap 4-close

This subtle combination made good use of scrap balls in at least two shades each of yellow, pink, purple, green and grey. I think the grey adds ‘something’ to an otherwise pallid color collection.

In keeping with the ‘rain theme’ of this year’s scrap ripple series, I’m calling this one. . .

Dawn on a Rainy Day

567 scrap #4 - full view

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9 Responses to #27 – A Fourth Scrappy Ripple

  1. Elizabeth Smith says:

    Very pretty. I think the gray really sets off the other colors. I’ll have to add that idea to my bag of tricks.

  2. Becky says:

    Love the grey!

  3. Bettina says:

    very lovely!!!

  4. Kathy says:

    Very pretty! You always come up with neat names for your afghans!
    Kathy 🙂

  5. threadbndr says:

    So soothing and calm. Tucking this one away in the back of my mind. Grey is such a useful color.

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