#28 – An Ombre Ripple

I started with a couple of the yarns from my big sister, 10 oz. of Sayelle ‘Chestnut Sunset’, the variegated and 8 oz. of ‘Chestnut’, a matching solid,

568 chestnuts

then added 4 oz. of Jack Frost ‘Rust’, 3 of RHSS ‘Buff’, (tan) and 5 of Wintuk ‘Fisherman’, (cream), vintage yarns all.

568 close-up

Having started with such generous amounts of the Sayelle ‘chestnuts’ I knew that I would have some yarn left, but I never expected there would be THIS much!

568 leftovers

Turns out that, although the Sayelle isn’t an obviously thinner yarn, it gave more than the expected 3 1/2 rows per ounce. Guess it’s more softly spun than my good ole Red Heart Super Saver.

Anyway. . . this made for a nice summer-weight blanket,

568 in a pile

perfect for the occasional cool summer night, like a couple of weeks ago when the temp here suddenly dipped to 48 degrees!

These colors are more dramatic than those of the bluffs we visited last month, but I’m still calling this week’s ripple. . .

Chimney Bluffs

568 full view

as a kind of souvenir of time spent in the FingerLakes Region of New York.

‘Fiesta’, another variegated from Sis, has caught my eye.

572 FSTA

Off I go to the attic; I wonder what yarns I have up there that complement this unusual color mixture.

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2 Responses to #28 – An Ombre Ripple

  1. Karen says:

    Love the color combination! You are so clever at putting colors together!

    • Thank You!
      It gets easier with practice. I think playing with colors has always been my favorite part of making a ripple. Mmmm, maybe that’s tied with the moment when you lay out a blanket in progress to see how the colors and stripes look.

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