Replenishing the Ripple Stash

Thanks to the many generous people who have contributed, my stash of acrylics for charity blankets, seen here freshly reorganized in our attic,

569 attic

is extensive. – I am blessed. – But, as large as my stash may be, with plenty of cream for example, I was down to only these two little skeins of white-white, and scraps.

569 white2

Ever since I finished last year’s series of thirteen Christmas ripples I’ve hoped to either receive a large donation of white yarn or come across a thrifty bargain on some, but neither of those things has happened.

Amazingly, the only charity acrylic that has come my way as thrifty purchases so far this year, is this green handknit scarf and sweater

542 vrgtd scarf542 vrgtd sweater

that I unraveled

546 rainbw and green546 green ombre

and this little ball of teal variegated, all from Sal’s. – The yellow and green ball is cotton. –

558 two balls of yarn

So I got pretty excited about a recent email from Savers announcing an upcoming half-off sale for members; I’ve made out very well buying yarn there in the past! But since you can’t know whether there will be any yarn at a particular Savers store on a particular day, let alone white yarn, I decided to put an end to my six month wait for more white-white by using a couple of 40% off coupons.

Regular price for RHSS is $3.19 per 7 ounce skein, but I paid only $1.91 each. Yay!

569 2 white

A few days later at the Savers’ sale, I scored; I mean I scored BIG on charity acrylic! Not only did I get a little more white. . .

569 more white

but several other colors, most of which are my good friend RHSS.

569 score!

I did leave behind some antique gold because I already have plenty.

569 gold

But I still brought home 56 ounces,

569 mostly RHSS

3 1/2 pounds, for $7.50. That’s less than a dollar per 7 ounce skein’s worth, or about half of what I paid at JoAnn’s with a coupon! Yee-Ha!!

I also got three balls of Peaches and Cream cotton for facecloths that will go to a mission in Haiti, $2.00.

569 pchs & crm

And, as a special little treat, I bought myself six ounces of deep red Elite GRAN Mohair for $5.00! (tags say $28)

569 6 oz. mohair

My affection for this luxurious yarn was somewhat lessened when I realized that it isn’t all the same color lot, a problem that’s relatively easy to deal with by alternating the two shades every other row, but still. . .   harumph.

569 2 dyelots

As if beautiful red bargain mohair isn’t enough, I also got a 50 gram ball of pale rose Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace, an extrafine merino, for $2.50. (original sticker says $10)

569 merino lace

Amazingly, that one little ball holds enough yardage to knit a shawl! I’m vacillating between Citron and Swallowtail, two very different styles.

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