#29 – Two Yellow Primroses

I wanted to use this sunny yellow yarn in my next ripple.

570 PRMR 3 skeins

I had eleven ounces in all, including the skein labeled Dawn Sayelle ‘Primrose‘, which I discovered is really quite pale compared to a real primrose. – Stop & Shop, $1.65.

570 PRM plant

Notice the nibbled edges on some of the leaves? Emily is determined to snack on it – mmmm, yummy, yummy, yummy!

My sunny yellow yarn was joined by two very similar blues, Herrschners ‘Indigo’ and RHSS ‘Delft’, and a teal chenille that I unraveled from a thrift store sweater, maybe this one, which I got for $2.00 back in 2012 – wince. Apparently I should ‘fluff’ my stash more often if such a pretty yarn can hide from me for that long!

570 PRM close-up

I thought that I could use up all of the yellow, and be sure not to run out of blue, if I made five of the yellow stripes a little wider.

A Sunny Day

570 PRM full view

That idea worked out Great! This is all the primrosy yellow that I have left. . .

Well, I intended to show you the little tiny ball of remaining yarn, but I got distracted – “Ooooh, such a pretty, pretty yellow!” – and included it in a new project before I remembered that I was supposed to take a photo of it. oops!

I’ll show that work in progress in a few days. In the meantime, you can wonder what I’m crocheting out of these, littlest of pastel yarn scraps, too small to make even one row of a kid-sized ripple.


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5 Responses to #29 – Two Yellow Primroses

  1. Bettina says:


  2. Jana says:

    You continue to amaze with fun color combinations. I loved your “unintentional” rain series, which apparently has now expanded to include other weather definitions in a full spectrum Fiber Forecast lol. Can’t wait to see what you are planning do with all the little scraps.

    • “a full spectrum Fiber Forecast” – LOVE this idea! 😀
      Thanks for keeping me up on my emerging ripple series – DH and I continue to throw a few names in the air and then wait to see which one suits us best by the time I finish the blanket. lol. But I did work to stick with the rain theme for my scrappies.

      re: the little scraps – There’s not a lot of planning going into this one, more of a ‘flying by the seat of my pants’ type of thing, for a change.

  3. Kathy says:

    Very summery! I love the color Blue Delft. I have used it quite a few times. Making Mini Yarn Balls into Mini Granny Squares? Can’t wait to see what you’re thinking!
    Kathy 8|

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