A New Granny-in-Progress

My two old Grannies-in-Progress, ‘Flower Garden’

183 Flower Garden Granny - seven rows completed

and ‘Mushrooms’,

339 some white mushroomsand that bag of blue granny squares that I discovered in a thrift shop a while back

213 bag of granny squares

did absolutely nothing to stop me from starting on a new granny – a mostly pastel scrap one made of cute little two-round squares that I’m joining as I go!

571 GIP in pile

I made use of last month’s long car trips to and from New York State to weave in yarn ends so I’ll have far fewer of them to deal with later. Yay!! And by all the nasty new ends flailing about you can easily see the two rounds that I’ve added since we got home.

571 GIP back

I’ll probably do two more rounds of squares and then a narrow border. . .  if I have enough pastel scraps for two rounds, that is. As I showed in my last post, my stash of little pastel balls is shrinking,


which, on the one hand, is a Very, Very Good Thing, as making use of my many, many little pastel yarn scraps is the main objective of this project. However, this is Very Bad, as now I’m increasing my choice of colors by ‘stealing’ pastels from my Large Scrap Ball Stash, which, of course, will soon result in more Little Scrap Balls. ugh. It’s an endless cycle! lol.

571 larger pastel scraps

The great thing about making kid-sized blankets, about 35″ x 54″, is that I’m usually done before the novelty of a new design has had a chance to wear out. So far this granny has been lottsa fun!

P.S. Got any ideas for a name?

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9 Responses to A New Granny-in-Progress

  1. I love it. It really is a never ending cycle, isn’t it? But we really wouldn’t ever want to totally clean up our stash, would we?

    Names. Hmm. New York State of Mind, Two Round Dance, Study in Pastel, Where the Sidewalk ENDS, Sweetarts, Another One Bites the Pastels, or Petit Fours. Ok. That’s all I got.

  2. Bettina says:

    I love it too … it’s gorgeous!!!

    • Hi Bettina, my friend ~

      I don’t acknowledge each shorty comment, but want you to know that I appreciate every time you pop in to say Hi!

      re: Granny
      She is turning out well, isn’t she?!. . . these photos make me want to sit down and finish quickly – I can hardly wait for the Ta-Dah! post!

  3. Sandi S says:

    I thought it looked like Sherbert – or is it Sherbet?? Either way – that’s what I thought of. I also thought “Noah’s Ark” as the rows came two by two!! LOL Then again – SweetTarts is a good name too – my husband loves those things and this would bring them to mind. hhmmmmmm – well, good luck whatever you name it.

  4. Kathy says:

    Very pretty! I can’t wait to see it finished! Sweet Tarts is a good choice for the name!
    Kathy 🙂

    • Thank You, Kathy. Me too! The center part of this went so quickly I thought I was going to zoom right through, but then the berries started ripening. We’re just going to have to wait a while . . . bird-netting, watering, picking, freezing, drying etc., and the weekly ripple, come before spending time with little ‘Granny SweeTarts’.

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