#30 – It’s a Fiesta!

This week’s ripple features ‘Fiesta’, a yarn with a rather challenging mix of colors, that I got in a trade with my sister.

572 FSTA

After considering what yarns I had in stash, I decided to go with a warm palette: a pale pink, RHSS ‘Off-white’ and ‘Cameo Rose’, a slightly different rose and a deep plum chenille from a thrift shop sweater. This really made the little bits of bright blue in the variegated Stand Out! ping. ping. ping. ping. . . ping. ping. lol.

572 close-up

I’m so pleased with how this blanket came out!! I had my doubts. . . bright blue and rose seemed like a rather iffy combination to me.

Fiesta Berry

572 FSTA-full-view

I feel that I’m 2 for 2 working with these interesting vintage variegated yarns: first there was ‘Chestnut Ombre’ in the ‘Chimney Bluffs’ ripple

568 full view

and now ‘Fiesta’.

572 FSTA-full-view

Why fight a winning trend? lol. I’m off to play in my stash with a third vintage variegated, natura Sayelle ‘Teaberry Ombre’, also from Sis.

572 FSTA-teaberry

‘Teaberry Ombre’ is slightly thinner than my usual RHSS acrylic yarn, just as the Sayelle yarns in ‘Chimney Bluffs’ and ‘Fiesta Berry’ were.

I think it’s time I do a little math and find out just how many ripple rows I can expect to get from of an ounce of these vintage Sayelles. Then, I’ll not only be able to crochet as many rows as possible from my skein of ‘Teaberry’, I’ll be able to make accurate plans for the rest of my ‘Fiesta’!

The math:

I started with 8 ounces of ‘Fiesta’, minus the 4.5 oz. that’s left, means 3.5 ounces went into the 15 variegated rows of my ‘Fiesta Berry’ ripple. (8 – 4.5 = 3.5) That’s 4.25 rows per ounce. (15 rows divided by 3.5 oz = 4.25 rows/oz) So I can expect the remaining 4.5 ounces to make about 19 rows (4.5 oz. x 4.25 rows/oz= 19). That’s about four more rows than I’d get with RHSS, (4.5 oz x my usual 3.33 rows/oz of RHSS = 15 rows and 19 Fiesta – 15 RHSS = 4 extra rows) a nice little bonus! Thanks Sayelle.

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