A Garden Report and #31

Everything grows so quickly this time of year! Veggie-wise, the snow pea harvest has passed, but now we’re enjoying fresh green beans.

573 beans

And I just picked the first of what I hope will be many, many tender little yellow squash.

573 first squash

Berry-wise, I pick one or two colors a day. The black raspberries are just about done; today I got about enough to top tomorrow morning’s cereal.

573 blackberries

But we’re right in the middle of a bumper crop of blueberries. – To us ‘bumper crop’ means we can eat as many as we want, and yet still have some left to freeze. – Boy, oh Boy!

573 blueberries

Plus our harvest of red and yellow raspberries has barely begun.

573 blue plus

With all this picking going on I haven’t spent any time considering what I’d say about this week’s ripple. . .

Boy, Oh Boy!

573 BOY-full

Aaaaaaah. . . I’m think-ing, think-ing. Gotta say somthin’, . . .

“Somthin’! “. . . HAha.

O.K., O.K. . . .

“It’s simple, well-balanced. . . light, medium, dark. . . some neutrals, a little bright blue. . . What’s not to like?”

“You can’t wrong with a blue-brown combo, as most boys like them, as so do many girls. . . including me.”

Two-row stripes of RHSS ‘Soft Navy’, RHSS ‘Cafe Latte’, and a country blue of some kind alternate with one-row cream stripes from several scrap balls.

573 BOY-close

Back out to the gardens I go. . .

I need to weed; unfortunately veggies and fruits aren’t the only things that are growing quickly!

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