Ripple #32 of 2014

Hi! Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to catch up on what I’ve been up to. Let me tell you about my latest ripple!

I found this lovely Design Seeds color palette, called ‘Coastal Craze’,

 574 coastal craze

in the Brainstorming Forum of Ravelry’s Vanna’s Choice Fan Club, last November. I tagged that particular post, #196, with ‘colorcombo’, ‘blue’, ‘greys’ and ‘manly’ and then saved it among my Favorites. As of today, I have ‘faved’ 4277 assorted patterns, projects, and posts. lol. I guess that shows just how easy Ravelry makes it to build a searchable inspiration treasury.

Getting back to that palette – My loose interpretation of it

574 CC-close

was dependent on the colors I happened to have in my charity stash. But, thanks to Ravelry member lanale’s helpful shopping list, I could have chosen to use Vanna’s Choice shades (shown at the bottom of the Design Seeds palette chart):

Linen, Silver Heather, Silver Grey, Charcoal Grey, Aqua and Baby Aqua.

Just imagine how individual 100 ‘Coastal Craze’ ripples might look, thanks to the near infinite number of variations in color order and stripe width that are possible!

Here’s mine, made of one and two-row stripes in six colors – no tan/Linen.

Coastal Craze Ripple

574 CC full view

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7 Responses to Ripple #32 of 2014

  1. Bettina says:

    ooh … gorgeous!!!

  2. ooh how I love this color scheme!

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