Good News / Sad News

First the Good News. . .

The yarn fairies have been busy! I found yet another bag of yarn waiting for me in the donation box where I leave my ripples.

575 bag o'yarn

Inside was about two pounds of acrylic yarn

575 pile

including. . .

more white. Yay!

575 plus white

If this incoming stream of white yarn continues, I may soon be complaining that my box of white stash is overflowing! lol. But seriously, I doubt that will ever happen as I love including white in the foster kids’ ripples.

More Good News. . .

Ann out in Oklahoma just became my newest yarn fairy. – Hi, Ann! – We’re tracking the box as it travels cross-country and I expect it will arrive early next week. I’m like a little kid waiting for Christmas! lol. I can’t help but wonder what ‘new’ colors are on their way to me.

Now for the Sad News. . .

The Good Sense Thrift Store in Vernon, CT has closed after being in business for several decades. sigh. I’m going to miss it.

Its location wasn’t very convenient for me, but I didn’t mind going a little out of my way because sometimes I found marvelous surprises, like this haul of 2012.

CT-I my yarn

Like usual, every skein, regardless if it held one ounce of wool sock yarn (little skeins of tan in front), four ounces of wool (big skeins in back) or a pound of Caron acrylic, cost only $1.00!

Their fabric was usually $1.00 too, per piece, not yard. Maybe, if a piece was several yards long, they’d say $2.00. lol.

I’m also feeling sad because it seems clear that I can no longer count on my local Salvation Army thrift store for help in replenishing my charity stash.

The last time I visited my heart fluttered at the sight of several skeins of acrylic, the first full skeins I’ve seen since the store moved this spring. Most of them were off-white, which is already plentiful in my stash, but it was still exciting to finally see some yarn at Sal’s – Woo-Hoo!! I quickly picked up the largest, which was five ounces of Red Heart Soft. It was tagged – get this – $2.99. All of the smaller skeins were also tagged $2.99. groan.

To think that a year ago I came across fifteen 8-ounce skeins of RHSS at the old Sal’s for 99¢ each; yet I only bought these five.

467 five skeins RHSS

O.K., so I didn’t actually need the other nine skeins of ‘Spruce’, but still. 99¢ for 8 ounces skeins!! Boy, those were the days. lol.

Feeling more and more grateful for the generosity of yarn fairies.

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9 Responses to Good News / Sad News

  1. yarnchick40 says:

    Reblogged this on yarnchick40 and commented:
    Hello all my yarny friends,
    If anyone wants to do some de-stashing ~ please contact Linda. For YEARS she has been making and sharing her yarn art, but she relies on thrift & donated yarn to get her beautiful blankets into the hands of those who need them.
    I just know some of you would be able to pass on the word to others or help by sending some yarn.


    • It’s going to be fun to see your readers’ reaction. Sometimes people are very relieved to find a Good Home for yarns they no longer love.

      I realize it’s time for me to get back on JoAnn’s mailing list for her snail mail flyers, assuming she still sends them. – It’s been awhile since I fell off the list for lack of frequent shopping. I’m hoping that she still allows us to use both snail mail and email coupons, as long as each coupon has a different code number. Gotta love those 40 and 50% off coupons!

      Now I just need to learn how to look at nothing in her store other than the specific yarns I went in there for. :S
      Maybe I need to make myself shopping blinders!? lol.

  2. yarnchick40 says:

    Hi Linda! I re-blogged you so that I could do a little to help you. I have a niece that likes to go “yarn shopping” in my stash so I never have any to send to you. Maybe one or two of my readers will lend a hand.

    • Lisa Victoria ~
      What a good auntie you are to let your niece shop in your stash. 🙂

      It’s so thoughtful of you to ask your readers for help on my behalf. Thank You!

      To be completely honest with you, I’m feeling slightly uncomfortable about this. squirm. But then I always feel slightly uncomfortable about yarn fairies sending me yarn. Sharing unwanted yarn is a wonderful thing, but shipping it?. . . well, shipping is definitely not thrifty. Maybe we should let your readers know that I’m in Connecticut so they can check how much it would cost to ship their yarn to me before they offer, rather than after.

      Oh, yeah – and they should know that I only use acrylics in the kids’ ripples.
      Mmmmm, and cottons in my newest charity project. . . I’m knitting washcloths that will be handed out with soap and shoes to school kids in Haiti!

  3. Renee says:

    I see a few ripples in your future 🙂

  4. A says:

    Yes the cost here for yarn at local thrift stores cost more than buying it at Joann’s or Michaels with a coupon! It really irritates me because those thrift stores are getting it for free!

    • The $2.99 tags really threw me because I was so used to paying $1.00 per skein at both the old Sal’s and Good Sense. It’s also rather odd that nothing else in this new Sal’s store is priced that close to full retail. So why the yarn?

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