#34 – Another Rainy Ripple

Unintentionally, we’ve continued the Rain Theme with

A Dark and Stormy Night

578 NITE full view

DH would rather I called it “Black Eye”! groan – such a sense of humor.

Single-row stripes of black and light grey lie between two row-stripes of dark purple and mauve, which are both chenille from thrift shop sweaters.

578 NITE-close-up

A P.S. regarding the renaming of last week’s scrap ripple:

By Friday afternoon I had received all these wonderful suggestions: Spring is Coming, Sun-Dappled Showers, Sun-Kissed Showers, The Sun’ll Come Out, After the Rain, Sunshine Sprinkles, Rainbow Rain, Easter Egg Rain, and Midnight Rainbow. I’ve posted them up on my bulletin board for future inspiration. Thanks to everyone for sharing.

DH and I decided on “Sun Showers”. Our extra thanks to Jana for that idea.

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