#35 – Stay Calm; Acrylic Never Dies

I usually use variegated yarns very sparingly, as an accent, but because of an overabundance of RHSS’s pretty ‘Aspen Print’,

580 CALM close-up

I went a little CrAzY and put sixteen rows in this week’s ripple.


580 CALM full view

Even so, I have four more skeins of ‘Aspen Print’ remaining in stash! I thought it would be fun to find out just how long it’s been hanging around. Well, it depends on which particular skeins the four are. I happened to pick up one skein as part of a mixed bag at Sal’s last year,

399 mixed wools & a vrgtd

but I also had some left after I made ‘Tranquility’,

272 Tranquility - flat

which was more than two years ago.

Lucky for me, RHSS has no expiration date. lol

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2 Responses to #35 – Stay Calm; Acrylic Never Dies

  1. AnnB says:

    It has a Summer Beach feel to it which is calming. Very nice. This would be nice to make for my man.

    • Thank You. Glad you like it enough to think about making one. 🙂
      Send me a pic of the finished blanket and I’ll include it in a future “Inspired by” post!jk – That ‘jk’ is Emily’s work.
      Hmmm, the letters ‘hi’ are very close to ‘jk’ on the keyboard. – Maybe she’s trying to say, “Hi” to you? ? lol.

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